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Fight over pet dog in Bhayander, corporator booked

By Ram Parmar, Palghar
PUBLISHED ON MAY 30, 2020 07:48 PM IST

A corporator from Bhayander, Nayana Mhatre, and two others were booked by the Bhayander police on Friday over a petty dispute involving a pet dog, resulting in a violent clash. Cross FIRs were registered from both sides and no arrests were made.

Dilip Bansode, a resident of Murdha village in Bhayander (West), was walking past the house of one Amrendra on Thursday night when the pet dog of the latter charged and tried to bite Bansode.

As a result, Bansode picked up a stone and hit the dog, said Chandrakant Jadhav, PI, Bhayander police station.

Amrendra shouted at Bansode and threatened him with dire consequences for hitting his pet dog and the matter seemed to end there, said police.

The same evening, Mhatre charged into the Bansode’s home and a heated argument ensued, during which, Mhatre allegedly hit Bansode with a stone and his head started bleeding. We have registered FIRs from both sides against Mhatre, Bansode and Amrendra for assault, cruelty to animals and other charges, although no arrests have been made yet, said Jadhav.

Mhatre, however, denied that she has assaulted Bansode and instead blamed him for hitting Amrendra’s dog.

Bansode claimed that the dog regularly attempts to bite him whenever he crosses Amrendra’s house and to save himself he had to stone the canine.

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