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IGMC, Shimla to raise public awareness of heart attack symptoms

The hospital has started a project to improve the use of life-saving medicines in peripheral hospitals of the district
Hindustan Times/Shimla | By Navneet Rathore, Shimla
UPDATED ON MAY 31, 2020 05:25 PM IST

In order to increase awareness of heart attack symptoms among people, the department of cardiology at Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla (IGMC) has started a project to improve the use of life-saving treatment in peripheral hospitals of the district using tele ECG diagnostic support system and capacity building of the medical officers here.

Doctors intend to improve the awareness of heart attack symptoms in the community through public awareness activities. There are about 25 hospitals in the Shimla district that are participating in the heart care model and doctors are hopeful that it will increase the delivery of life-saving treatment and save the lives of many patients.

Head of the cardiology department at IGMC, Prakash Negi said that heart attack is one of the common causes of death in the country and in Himachal Pradesh. High death rates are mainly due to the non-availability of timely treatment, he said.

An online data of the state heart attack registry has indicated that only about 30% receive life-saving medicines which are more effective if given in the first few hours of a heart attack.

The reasons for the low use of these life-saving drugs are due to the late reporting of patients to hospitals. The delayed reporting to the hospital is mostly due to ignorance on the part of patients, he said.

People’s participation in creating awareness about heart attack symptoms, guiding others about the importance of timely reporting to the nearest hospital will save many lives.

Patients with heart attack commonly experience chest pain that may move to arms, neck, shoulder, and back. Many patients may also experience marked weakness suddenly, breathing difficulty, may have cold sweats. Some of the patients may also have vomiting, blackout, or loss of consciousness.

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