Indore Weather and AQI Today: Warm start at 25.04 °C, check weather forecast for July 8, 2024 - Hindustan Times

Indore Weather and AQI Today: Warm start at 25.04 °C, check weather forecast for July 8, 2024

Jul 08, 2024 07:01 AM IST

Check the weather forecast and air quality updates for Indore on July 8, 2024 here.

The temperature in Indore today, on July 8, 2024, is 28.56 °C. The day's forecast indicates a minimum and maximum temperature of 25.04 °C and 31.0 °C, respectively. The relative humidity is 72% and the wind speed is 72 km/h. The sun rose at 05:47 AM and will set at 07:15 PM.

Tomorrow, on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, Indore is predicted to experience a minimum and maximum temperature of 23.78 °C and 28.53 °C, respectively. Tomorrow humidity levels will be at 81%.

Today's forecast promises the sky to be rain. Please plan your day according to the temperature and predicted weather conditions. Enjoy the sunshine and don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses as you soak up the weather.

Today, in Indore the Air Quality Index (AQI) stands at 18.0, indicating good air quality in the area. You can engage in regular physical activity, going outdoors and doing daily work. Being aware of the AQI helps one make informed decisions regarding one's overall well-being while planning the day’s activities.

Weather and AQI predictions in Indore for next 7 days:
Date Temperature Sky
July 9, 2024 26.54 °C Moderate rain
July 10, 2024 27.07 °C Moderate rain
July 11, 2024 25.67 °C Light rain
July 12, 2024 28.14 °C Light rain
July 13, 2024 28.52 °C Moderate rain
July 14, 2024 26.17 °C Overcast clouds
July 15, 2024 24.78 °C Moderate rain

Weather in other cities on July 8, 2024
City Temperature Sky
Mumbai 28.43 °C Moderate rain
Kolkata 32.97 °C Overcast clouds
Chennai 30.74 °C Light rain
Bengaluru 25.33 °C Light rain
Hyderabad 25.23 °C Moderate rain
Ahmedabad 33.03 °C Overcast clouds
Delhi 27.46 °C Light rain

To access comprehensive details about weather conditions please click here.

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Indore weather update on July 08, 2024
Indore weather update on July 08, 2024

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