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MCG sets up committee to monitor upkeep of parks

UPDATED ON JAN 25, 2020 07:33 PM IST

Gurugram The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has constituted a regulation and monitoring committee, which will be responsible for supervising the upkeep of all parks and community centres across the city. The committee will also issue funds to residents’ welfare associations (RWAs) for their upkeep.

A decision in this regard was taken during a meeting held between senior MCG officials and councillors on Saturday at the civic body’s Sector 34 office.

According to officials, maintenance charges for parks and community centres will, henceforth, be dispensed by the MCG to the RWAs only after the regulation and monitoring committee issues a letter recommending the same.

However, the members of the regulation and monitoring committee is yet to be decided.

Officials said that in case of a discrepancy or infighting within an RWA, the responsibility of maintenance for parks and community centres will be transferred to the MCG’s ward committee. Each ward committee comprises the councillor, experts, residents and representatives of RWAs.

In case there is a dispute between the local councillor and RWA, a joint committee, compromising of councillors, the MCG's joint commissioner for the zone concerned, the zone chairman and mayor, will sort out the differences and make the final decision on the issue.

In addition, officials said that if parks and community centres are found to be poorly maintained, they will relieve the RWA concerned of the responsibility for maintaining the same. There are 793 parks, which fall under the MCG’s jurisdiction, of which 483 are maintained by RWAs and 310 by the MCG.

Similarly, of a total of 60 community centres, 22 are maintained by RWAs and 38 by the MCG.

During the meeting, it was also decided that for the maintenance of parks and community centres, a decentralised system should be adopted and an audit report of all parks and community centres would be taken every year.

“In 2017, the responsibility of maintenance of parks and community centres was given to the RWA concerned as there was no House at that time. All works need to be supervised and if there is no monitoring, then the work will not be done properly. Hence, the responsibility of maintenance of the parks and community centres has been allotted to the regulation and monitoring committee,” said Vinay Pratap Singh, commissioner of the MCG.

In April 2016, a delimitation order by the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) had specified that the city’s population was less than 10 lakh and the ward count needed to be revised from 35 to 33, which resulted in MCG elections being postponed indefinitely and the city did not have a House until November 2017.

Singh specified that in the eventuality of the ward committee taking over the maintenance of parks, they too will be paid a monthly sum of 3 per square metre as maintenance fee, on a par with the sum paid to the RWAs.

Officials and councillors also decided that no event or function can be held in community centres by RWAs without the approval of the civic body.

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