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Mumbai: Sessions court refuses bail to Raj Tyagi

The sessions court refused to grant bail to Raj Tyagi, son of former Mumbai Police commissioner Ramdeo Tyagi
By Charul Shah, Mumbai
PUBLISHED ON JUL 21, 2021 10:43 PM IST

The sessions court refused to grant bail to Raj Tyagi, son of former Mumbai Police commissioner Ramdeo Tyagi. Tyagi was arrested on June 30 for threatening and stalking his estranged wife even after restraining orders from court.

His wife, Diana, had alleged that on June 26, he called her several times and threatened her. On June 29, Tyagi allegedly followed her when she was returning after meeting her lawyer. She further said Raj was carrying a weapon, hence she rushed to Bandra police station and lodged a case against him.

The accused’s lawyer had argued that he had entered the vicinity of his wife’s residence only to see his children and had no intention to threaten his wife.

The prosecution claimed that Tyagi was arrested for threatening his wife and was released on bail on June 23 after being in custody for almost three to four months. The prosecution also claimed that while granting bail, the high court had imposed a condition that he should not enter the jurisdiction of Bandra police station where his wife stays. He was also restrained from intimidating his wife and children.

After hearing both the sides, the court noted, “If at all it was only the intention of applicant to see his children, he could have sent message to the informant about his intention or could have sought help from police by disclosing his intention which has not been done. Therefore, it is not acceptable that the applicant went with only the intention to see his children.’

The court also noted that Tyagi, soon after coming out on bail, violated the conditions. “Accordingly, only three days after being released on bail, the second incident took place. Therefore, if the applicant is again released on bail with whatever terms and conditions there is every likelihood that he will again repeat the offence,” the court noted while rejecting his bail plea.

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