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Poll-bound PMC prioritises healthcare sector in a budget driven by schemes

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to change its focus in the budget from other sectors to primarily focusing on improving health facilities in the city
By Abhay Khairnar
PUBLISHED ON MAR 01, 2021 11:57 PM IST

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to change its focus in the budget from other sectors to primarily focusing on improving health facilities in the city.

PMC standing committee chairman Hemant Rasne presented the 8,370 crore budget on Monday for the year 2021-22.

Considering it is an election year, the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) launched various schemes in the budget.

In line with Mumbai’s Tata cancer and research hospital, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to erect its own dedicated cancer hospital in the city.

The hospital is set to provide service to the whole western Maharashtra and Marathwada region.

Rasne said, “I propose to erect the Nanaji Deshmukh cancer hospital. Neither Pune city nor western Maharashtra has a dedicated cancer hospital. This hospital would be built on more than 10,000 square feet plot at either Warje or Baner. A recent study shows that in the upcoming days, there would be more cancer patients and each family would need to go through it. The cancer treatment is very costly and to make it affordable, the PMC has decided to erect a dedicated cancer hospital.”

Rasne said, “Along with the cancer hospital, the PMC has proposed to erect the urology hospital at Kothnis health clinic located at Shukravar peth. Many patients are suffering from urology related problems and kidney-related illness and the civic body will cater to them.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the PMC faced a major problem of ICU beds. The PMC had an ICU facility only at Kamala Nehru hospital. Even Naidu hospital did not have an ICU facility.

Rasne said, taking a lesson from Covid-19, we have decided to erect an ICU facility in all PMC-owned hospitals and made a budgetary provision of 5 crore for it.

During Covid-19, many citizens faced psychological problems and mental issues. It proved that society needs psychological treatment many times due to stress and other pressures. In consideration of this requirement, the PMC has decided to erect psychological counselling centres at hospitals.

Deepali Dhumal, leader of opposition, PMC said, “On one side, the municipal commissioner and the ruling party is claiming that there is less revenue and is putting a cap on expenditure. Every year there is less income than the target but now they have inflated the budget considering it is election year.”

Aba Bagul, Congress leader said, “By keeping elections in mind, the ruling party has announced various schemes but they would just remain promises. The ruling party failed to keep their promises in the last four years. It is good that they are planning to push the HCMTR project. The PMC had huge potential and right now PMC needs to cross budget more than Rs10,000 crore but they haven’t identified any new income resources.”

The PMC fiscal picture

Income ( in crore)

Local body tax- 170

GST - 1985.88

Property Tax- 2656.67

Water Tax - 290

Meter water tax- 372

Government subsidy - 297.28

JNNURM- 1.37

PMAY - 185

Development charges- 205

Building permission- 980

Other income- 926

Loan - 300

Total - 8370


Salary - 1698.41

Primary education - 344

Contract employees - 222.34

Loan and repay - 92.18

Electricity -276

Water expenditure - 99.95

Medicine - 124.35

Other expenditure - 1255

Maintenance- 17

Repairing- 38.07

Petrol - 30.40

Regional ward level works- 54.80

Ward office budget- 80.84

Development works- 4035,60

Total – 8,370

Focus on the healthcare sector - Total proposed expenditure: 145 crore

1) Formation of a dedicated cancer hospital located at either Warje or Baner ( 1 crore)

2) Formation of a special urology surgery hospital located at Shukrawar peth in Kotnis clinic ( 1 crore)

3) Construction of ICU centres in all PMC-run hospitals ( 5 crore)

4) Completion of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee medical college ( 146 crore)

5) Strengthening the Mukundrao Lele clinic located near Shaniwarwada ( 1 crore)

6) Introduction of health awareness scheme to spread awareness in slums ( 5 crore)

7) Introduction of heart attack-related tests at all PMC hospitals ( 2 crore)

8) Formation of the blood bank at Kamla Nehru hospital ( 70 lakh)

9) Formation of heart clinic for kids in the name of Rambhau Mhalgi ( 2 crore)

10) Introduction of a breast cancer inspection programme ( 3 crore)

11) Introduction of the Pandit Deendayal accident scheme for all property taxpayers ( 50 lakh)

12) Fight against Covid-19 ( 10 crore)

13) Special Cardiac ambulances ( 1 crore)



Transportation (Total expenditure 223.7 crore)

Commercial operation of Metro on five routes: 3.5 crore

Swargate-Katraj-Nagar road BRT: 70 crore

Signal for pedestrians: 1.5 crore

Development of key roads

Shivane-Kharadi road: 28 crore

Katraj-Kondhwa road: 35 crore

Balbharati-Paud road: 70 lakh

Public transport development: 85 crore

The DPR for Sinhagad road to Pune Cantonment, Swargate to Katraj, Shivajinagar to Hadapsar, Ramwadi to Wagoli, Vanaz to Chandni Chowk, Warje to Swargate are in the pipeline.

HCMTR on the cards

The Pune city’s long-pending HCMTR (High-Capacity Mass Transit Route) would be executed very soon. Former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis is in favour of the HCMTR, and we want to do it as soon as possible, according to Rasne.


Public-private partnership model highlighted (Total expenditure: 141 crore)

The PMC standing committee chairman focused on doing various projects under a public-private partnership model in his budget. Rasne suggested developing the lake located at Ambegaon with the help of a private partnership. Sarasbaug and Nehru Stadium premises would be developed on the same model. Many roads have been proposed to develop on the PPP model.

Box 4

Focus on ease of doing business Total expenditure ( 5 lakh)

Pune is one of the biggest growth engines in the country. Many investors and industries are planning to invest in Pune but are facing various problems. The PMC has decided to erect an investor facility centre in Pune which will help investors smoothly coordinate in a single place.


Schemes at a glance ( Total expenditure 383 crore)

The election for the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) election is scheduled in December 2021 or January 2022 which means this is the last budget before elections for the ruling party. Considering this, a range of schemes and announcements were made in the budget for 2021-2022.

Flyover on Nagar road with the partnership of National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) ( 0)

Plan to develop bridges, flyovers and roads on PPP model ( 141 crore )

Pedestrian signals at various chowks ( 1.5 crore)

Air-conditioned bus service ( 10 per ticket)

PMPML’s five kilometres for 5

Sewage lines in merged villages ( 120 crore)

River beautification like Ahmedabad ( 105 crore)

Garbage processing plants

Electric vehicle charging stations ( 50 lakh))

CNG Pumps ( 50 lakh)

Solar power projects ( 50 lakh)

Tulshibaug, Sarasbaug, Nehru stadium redevelopment ( 3 crore)

KK market redevelopment ( NA)

Sports ground development ( 6 crore)

Talim development ( 1 crore)

Ganesh museum ( 2 crore)

CCTV cameras at various locations ( 2 crore)

International tourist attractions ( 5 lakh)

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