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Road and pedestrian safety campaign at Yeoor today

By Ankita G Menon, Thane
PUBLISHED ON NOV 30, 2019 08:36 PM IST

The Tea Stall Owners Welfare Association is organising a special awareness campaign for the safety of pedestrians. The event aims at reducing the number of pedestrian accidents and will be held from 6.30am till 8.30 am on Sunday morning.

“Yeoor is a small area and the roads are also not very wide, thus making it difficult for motorists as well as pedestrians. There are instances of double parking on the road, motorists driving rashly or without helmets. There are very few pedestrians who know that ideally one should be walking on the right side of the road, towards the traffic. We will be raising awareness on these issues in the presence of forest officials and traffic officers,” said Biju Nair, president of Tea Stall Owners Welfare Association.

According to the plan, people dressed as Yamraj will stop those flouting rules and hand out flowers with awareness messages. The association also plans to raise awareness about the perils of drink driving. “As people have access to use the forest area, it is essential to ensure that it is being maintained. Plastic should not be disposed in such places,” said a volunteer.

The event

The road and pedestrian safety awareness campaign is being organised by Tea Stall Owners Welfare Association

The event will take place on Sunday morning, from 6.30am till 8.30am

The event will also address the issue of plastic waste in forest areas.

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