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How kidnapped Delhi businessman played smart, kept calm to save his life

Saurabh Gupta said the two men first tried to put a handkerchief on his mouth and then took out a gun and he pretended to faint to make sure they did not shoot at him.

delhi Updated: Dec 12, 2017 13:35 IST
Shubhomoy Sikdar
Shubhomoy Sikdar
Hindustan Times
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Despite being in his senses, Gupta pretended to faint to make sure that the kidnappers did not shoot at him. (Photo: Sourced)

Cornered by two men with a gun on a dark stretch of road, Delhi industrialist Saurabh Gupta played it to the wishes of his abductors to save his life. The two men on bike had been riding along his car, near his shop in Paschim Vihar, and when Gupta stopped to ask them why they were doing so, they first tried to put a handkerchief on his mouth and then took out a gun.

Despite being in his senses, Gupta pretended to faint to make sure that the kidnappers did not shoot at him.

“I would be dead had I not pretended to faint. They had forced me to sniff a solution soaked handkerchief. A gun was pointed to my head. One mistake and I was gone. I pretended to fall unconscious,” said Gupta, the owner of a retail electronics chain, recalling the beginning of his over 30-hour-long ordeal.

Gupta, who is the owner of Delhi’s largest electronics stores, was rescued by the Delhi Police after he was abducted by two men — one of whom is his former employee.

“It was ill-fated from the start. I did not take my usual route from my Paschim Vihar showroom to Karampura home that night . I chose a shorter route that I rarely take. Less than a kilometre away from my shop, I found two men on a bike next to my car,” Gupta told HT after his rescue on Monday.

Remembering how he was taken, Gupta said one of the men put his hand inside the open window of his car and tried to force him to sniff the handkerchief. As the police would later find out, a pain killer was sprayed on the cloth to make the victim lose consciousness. “Initially, I tried to fight with them but one of them put out a pistol to my head. I had to do something and pretended to fall unconscious.”

Gupta said it was nearly after an hour and a half that they finally stopped the car and took him inside a room where they locked him and went away.

“I managed to free myself and removed the mask too. They had taken off all the light bulbs and sealed the windows and all other gaps with cardboard. It was impossible to make night from day as I would realize the next morning i.e. on Sunday when they came to wake me up. They tied my legs again and left soon. All the time they spent there they only murmured and I could not understand what were they talking about,” said Gupta.

Only once was he allowed to talk to his family and his conversations with the accused were also limited. As Sunday progressed, they tried to open up a conversation but Gupta said he was measured in his responses, fearing further trouble.

“They offered me food and water also but I refused as I suspected they had spiked it,” said Gupta.

It was not till Monday morning that he could heave a sigh of relief. “One of them came to me 15 minutes before the police raid, asking what had I done as his (kidnappers) family members were being questioned at a police station. I said I was clueless as my phone was with them all along,” said Gupta.

Then the raid happened and both Manish and Singh were arrested. Gupta said he vaguely remembers how the police team came to the house and rescued him. He said he did not remember Manish, his kidnapper who once worked for him.

“ We employ around 800 people. It gets difficult to keep track of each one of them,” said Garg.

First Published: Dec 12, 2017 13:35 IST