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What will make Delhi safer for women?

On International Women’s Day, we get some renowned Delhi women to tell us about the one thing that they feel will make the city more safe.
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 08, 2012 01:45 AM IST

On International Women’s Day, we get some renowned Delhi women to tell us about the one thing that they feel will make the city more safe.

Kishi Arora
Pastry chef / food consultant at online boutique pastry shop: Foodaholics

The best way to make Delhi safe is by educating the troublemakers. I strongly feel that men should be educated on how to respect women and not just treat them like objects. This can be done by running awareness campaigns, workshops or by counselling men to improve their behaviour and attitude towards women.

Maragarita Palladugu
I feel that if some more women cops and stricter rules are introduced, it would help. Men should realise that it’s not easy to mess around with women. If there are stricter laws, they would think twice before teasing or passing a lewd comment. A sense of fear should be created in their minds, and this can be done only by the cops.

Boishali Sinha Massot
I believe that safety is not a gadget, but a state of mind. The only thing that can make Delhi safer for women is the mindset of people — the way they look towards a woman. Every resident of Delhi should start taking action against anything wrong happening to women in front of them. Because if you see a mistake and don’t fix it, it becomes your mistake.

Advaita Kala
Concentrated efforts from authorities should be made to make commuting facilities safer for women. Be it roads, the Metro, buses or other public modes of transportation, they need to become more female-friendly. There is also a need to put more lighting on the roads because some stretches are quite dark. More helpline numbers by Delhi Police will go a long way.

Barkha Kaul
If the right and safe means of public transport are introduced here, then girls would feel a lot safer. I have seen my friends staying in Mumbai travelling late at night in autos and general taxis. But the same can’t be done here, as it’s dicey to travel alone at night. I also feel that some GPRS system or trackers should be installed in autos and taxis, so that the drivers won’t dare to harass women.

Nalini Singh Siwach
It’s difficult to list one thing that can make the city a safer place for women. I can’t think of a single place in the city where women are safe. I think the police has a very important role to play in this regards. Though there are special complaint cells and helpline numbers, more police personnel should be deployed at key hang out areas. Also, if moral education is imparted to people, it will help a lot.

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