CBSE Class 12 Boards: Here’s how you target 95% in accountancy

Class 12 Boards Accountancy paper on March 29 can be managed easily if you plan well

Board exams 2017 Updated: Mar 23, 2017 09:23 IST
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Use the few days left before the exams on March 29 to do a quick revision of the important topics.(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Solid planning always goes a long way in achieving goals. Keeping in mind the time available to students for the CBSE Class 12 accountancy exams, scheduled for March 29, planning is even more important or else a valuable opportunity would be lost to get a good score. Accountancy is the key subject in the commerce stream. With right planning you can easily score around 95% marks in the exams.

As you all have been studying accountancy for the past 10 months, I am sure that by now all of you have a pretty good working knowledge of the subject. Managing to score 95%, however, is a different ball game – but here are a few suggestions that can help you get close to the magic numbers.

•Time management Three hours have to be managed with diligence for maximum scores. Use the reading time in the examination hall (extra 15 minutes provided at the start of the exam) to eliminate the choices given in the 8 marker questions. Complete Section B in 40 to 45 minutes, at the most. Don’t take more than 20 minutes to answer the 8-mark questions.

•Don’t change the pattern Solve the paper in a pattern you are most comfortable with. If you start your paper from last question or section B then stick to it. Try to do questions in sequence

•Reboot your brain It would be necessary to refresh your brain as most of you could be tired after the math exam with most of the concepts still buzzing in your brain. Take a day off by playing some outdoor game or spend some time with your dear ones to reboot your system.

•Make a preparation plan Revise concepts thoroughly from March 23 and then start solving papers daily from March 24. Try to solve at least six papers during these four days. Get your paper checked and work on the mistakes.

Accountancy has five very important chapters, focus on revisiting them now and over the next few days:


(b)Admission of partner

(c)Share capital

(d)Ratio analysis

(e)Cash flow statements

(f)Remaining Chapters should be revised after you’ve finished these.

•Final Day After working on the papers, revising mistakes and going through the main papers, solve one last paper on the last day (preferably 2014 or 2015 board paper) and try to score around 80.

This will do wonders for your confidence levels and help you do well in your papers.

All the best

The author is department-in-charge, Accountancy, Studymate (HT Learning Centres) and can be reached at

First Published: Mar 22, 2017 19:36 IST