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Cracking the boards: Set realistic targets, do not panic while preparing for exams

To help students sail through the next few weeks of board examination, HT brings to you tips from principals, teachers and experts to help students in preparing for the exams. You can also send in your queries.

education Updated: Feb 10, 2014 14:40 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
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To help students sail through the next few weeks of board examination, HT brings to you tips from principals, teachers and experts to help students in preparing for the exams. You can also send in your queries.

I am preparing for class 12 board examinations which are scheduled to start next month. However, I find that I am unable to study and concentrate properly. Please help me prepare well.
Your anxiety stems from the fact that despite your best efforts, you are not able to study at this crucial time. At this age, one goes through various changes and it is natural to feel concerned about it. Stop panicking and talk to someone in your friends’ circle or somebody with whom you feel comfortable. Focus on your studies and set a manageable timetable. If possible, do at least 10-12 minutes meditation or concentration exercises.

I am a mother of a student of class 12. My daughter often says that she is anxious about her exams. She goes through bouts of tantrums, gets angry. Sometimes, she puts aside her books in frustration and says that she will not appear for the exams as she has not completed the course. Please help me deal with her properly.
It’s good that you know about her source of anger and frustration. She has completed about 70-75% of syllabus. She still has about a month to prepare. As a mother, you can help her make a realistic timetable so that she can devote 60-70% of her time in revising and focusing on main topics and chapters. Ask her to set a goal for herself and write answers (in points) of questions for which she has prepared well. Writing practice is very important while preparing for exams. Also, she can solve some sample papers which will boost her confidence level.

I am appearing for the board exams and I have been finding it difficult to give my best while preparing for the past two weeks. I am very scared of it. I have been feeling tired and uncomfortable. My concentration is going down day by day. These problems have cropped up after I started taking medicines to enhance my memory and concentration. I told my parents that I forget whatever I study and this medicine makes me feel tired and sleepy all the time. However, my parents still insist on taking it. What should I do?
Since the medicine is not helping you at all, but instead it has harmed you, please stop taking it. There is very little understanding as to who needs medication and who does not. Medicines are made for illnesses not for such situational disturbances. During exam preparations, experiencing a lack of concentration or not retaining whatever one has learnt, does not qualify as an illness. An examination is a stressful time for everyone. It does not mean that one is ill and needs medication. You must understand that there is great difference between being stressed and being ill. Anyone who is going through situational stress can cope with it by changing their lifestyle, daily routine and study pattern, doing physical exercises and eating right. Take a break after every 40-50 minute of study, write down your answers as you prepare them.

I am student of class 12 and I stay alone in a hostel. I really want to be with my parents and my family. This loneliness is affecting my capacity to study and I do not know what to do. Please help.
It is natural to want the support of family during this stressful time. Since you are not allowed to use a mobile phone in the hostel and cannot speak to your family for more than a few minutes every week, you have the option of hiring a room outside your hostel and asking your mother to live close to your school till your exams are over, so that she can support you. Alternately, you can try living with a close friend so that you both can prepare well by being together.

First Published: Feb 05, 2014 10:04 IST