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A blogosphere abuzz

What does the future hold for us online media creators? Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan predicts.

entertainment Updated: Dec 30, 2008 17:19 IST
Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Since this will be my last column before the year ends, I figure I should do one of those recap things. What has the year been like for blogging? What does the future hold for us online media creators?

The journey so far
We got tagged: At long last, the Indian media started to take blogs seriously. On television, where once, people hesitated to quote a blogger as a credible source, the tagline ‘Blogger’ is now commonplace.

We got serious: Bloggers started taking themselves seriously too. Where the Internet was once a free-for-all, brimming with invective and unverified facts, there now seems to be a certain order, specially with bloggers now doing a lot more fact checking than they used to. More and more seem to want tips to make their blogs better — look at the number of blog review websites that have mushroomed.

We generated good content: From the crises — like the recession and the bomb blasts, to the hurrahs, like the moon landing — Indian bloggers have been having a field day with a plethora of topics to choose from. Niche blogging is also happening — and it’s nice to see people holding forth on subjects they know about.

We brought in the cool: Almost every single website that offers a cool thing gives you a widget to either add to your blog or post as a link on Facebook. The ease with which this gets done means a lot more clutter, yes, but it’s also made blogs a lot more personalised.

We gave SMS-ese the boot: I’m also happy to say that a lot of the SMS language seems to have been winnowed out. Is it just that that generation has grown up? Or that it was a passing fad that left as quickly as it came? Now if only someone would start phasing out those extraneous ellipses, I could die happy.

The road ahead
In an ideal world, blogging would be what truly connects the information seekers with the informers. Sure, it’s biased information, but I would like to log onto a blog-based search site — something far more comprehensive than what we have right now — and find in-depth information on what I need.

It would be great to have a colour code for blogs — purple for personal blogs, red for news, blue for music and so on, so we could identify them easily. This would ensure we bloggers digress less and stick more to the theme. I’d like to see a series of posts about one particular topic all laid out together. I’d like more tag classified searches.

I’d also like all bloggers to be legally bound to what they say. You wouldn’t run an unverified rant in a newspaper or a column — you shouldn’t on a blog either. I love the free thinking feel of the Internet, but something’s got to be said for accountability.

One of my new year’s resolutions is that I’d like to challenge myself a little more this year. Push the envelope. Really make the Internet my own. And I do hope you’ll join me. Happy New Year!

Meenakshi writes a blog at www.thecompulsiveconfessor.blogspot.com. You can send her your queries at meenakshimadhavan@gmail.com