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A film like Dor comes once in three years: Ayesha Takia

Actress Ayesha Takia speaks to Hiren Kotwani on controversies, beau Farhan Azmi and life after Dor.

entertainment Updated: Jun 04, 2007 16:33 IST

Acclaimed or her brilliant performance in last year's Dor. Flogged for her eminently forgettable Kya Love Story Hai. Reported to have had problems with Kareena Kapoor hogging the limelight with an item song. Known to put her foot down despite her hassle-free-actress tag. Spurned a role of a life-time in Aamir Khan's Kajri. Ayesha Takia on controversies, beau Farhan Azmi and life after Dor..

What you been up to?
I've been out of town a lot lately.. shooting for De Taali and Sunday. When I'm in Mumbai, I'm usually at home, watching movies over cups of chai, spending time with my family and going out with them. Then I'm also spending time with Farhan, either at Basilico or Koyla. I'm not into partying, so you won't spot me at any.

Does the flak for Kya Love Story Hai make you rethink your choice of film?
I liked the script and my character.. so I agreed to do it. But Dor, which released much before, changed people's perception of me as an actress. Also, how many films like Dor are made? A film like that comes once in three years.

So, when Kya Love.. released, everyone said that they didn't expect this from me after Dor. But then, I can't wait for only films like Dor, one has to do different kinds of films to sustain oneself.

Apparently, you have a problem with Kareena Kapoor for getting attention for an item song in your film.
Firstly, you can't have a problem with someone you don't know. I don't really know Kareena that well, where's the question of having any problem with her?

I knew my role in the film and there were never any issues with that. I would have no hassles even if Kareena had six songs in the film. What's important to me is my role.. and if my performance is appreciated, fine. If not, it motivates me to do better the next time.

<b1>Do you choose films guided by the head or heart?
Well, actually.. both.. and by my instincts as well. One can't really choose by just any one of them.

Do you think you've moved into the big league now?Sunday with Ajay Devgan, Salman Khan recommending you in Pokhri remake and his home-pro duction Main Aur Mrs Khanna.
I really don't know about camps, leagues and the numbers game. All that matters to me is the kind of film I'm doing and what I'm doing in it.

I'm doing

No Smoking

because it's a fantastic subject to be a part of. Although I have a double role, it's basically John Abraham's film. I've got a fabulous role in


, with plenty of scope to perform. Besides, it's my first completely commercial film.

Aamir Khan was keen on casting you in


the remake of


? What happened?

There were certain irreconcilable differences with the production and director. It has nothing to do with Aamir Khan. I haven't even met him. But there were some issues which couldn't be sorted.

What kind of irreconcilable differences?

Let's not get there. I'm not doing the film, so why talk about it? But yes, it's a fabulous role. It will work out well for anyone who does it.

What is the real Ayesha Takia all about?

The real Ayesha Takia is basically a simple person, with no complexities about her. She's kinda laidback and believes in doing her own thing, has no hassles.. She knows that she's not here forever and also wants to be known as a good person besides a good actress.

Are you really as simple as you look?

I am what you see. I have no pretensions nor am I portraying any image. I don't want to convey something that I'm not and live a lie.

Sridevi or Shabana Azmi, which of the two actresses do you see yourself growing into?

They're both such fabulous actresses that for me to achieve a part of what they've attained would be a great high. I've been a Sridevi fan as a kid and we all know Shabanaji's potential as an actress. On my part, I'd like to maintain a balance between the kinds of films they've done.

You've said you'd quit after marriage..

There's still a long way to go for that. I'm just 22 and in the initial stages of my career. There's still a lot to learn and do. When that happens, I'll have done enough to not mind quitting films.

Other actresses would diet, starve themselves to keep in shape. But you don't seem to bother too much…is that why your weight fluctuates?

I know it's important for us actors to look our best every time. I've started working out and am losing weight. The kind of films I'm shooting these days require me to be fit, so I'm working hard on that.

Tell us about Farhan Azmi? You been seeing him for how long now?

Well, it's been two and a half years. What do you wanna know about him?

<b3>Where did you meet him? What attracted you to him?

I met him at Café Basilico. The best thing about him is that whatever he is today, is on his own. He has worked hard to start his own business and that's what attracted me to him; he's a self-made man.

Does it worry you that his is an orthodox family?

No, that's not true. They're very warm-hearted, affectionate and loving people. Anyways, why do you want to talk about our families now? We'll talk about that later, when the time comes.

Whom do you consult regarding your career? Whose advice do you follow?

I discuss the scripts I hear with my parents and sister Farhan. I weigh all aspects before deciding to do or not do a film.

Which is your best moment?

Professionally speaking, it was after


released and my performance was acclaimed. It marked the turning point in my career.

And personally?

The day I met Farhan. There are many days I'll cherish, but the day I met him is surely the best day in my life.

Which is the worst? When? Where? What?

Hmm.. I'm past that.

Where do you see yourself in the next two years?

I'll still be around, playing roles different from what I've done, in some interesting films.. Will also be spending my spare time with my family, Farhan and friends. At the most, I can tell you about this year.. but two years is a long time. I don't plan so it's far to think about.

First Published: Jun 04, 2007 11:02 IST