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Abhishek Bachchan's 'spitting' revenge

Remember the scene in Delhi-6 where Sonam had to spit on Abhi? Well, the actress took 20 retakes to complete the shot and now Abhi has decided that he’d spit water on her 20 times to settle his score

entertainment Updated: Feb 21, 2009 18:24 IST
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Her own little New Zealand

Howdee doo hoo my raspberry pies? I’m feeling like an agony aunt right now, no thanks to a saheli who’s been sobbing on my shoulder. She has just returned from Lonavla where she had gone to attend singer Kailash Kher’s shaadi. And she has been feeling really blue ever since.

Reason: there was not a drop of booze around during the weekend-long celebrations. No, she hasn’t turned into a Bev.Dee .. but after being a part of the industry for so long, she thought it was strange that Kher had not made any arrangements for some daaru shaaru for his guests.

May be he’s just trying to be Mr Goody Two-Shoes in front of his dulhaniya and her gharwalas. I promise to get her a crate of the most exclusive Scotch my Vyjjy can lay his hands on.. think I’ll send one to Kherji too. Hic hic hooray ho!

There my sakhi is finally smiling.. and I can get started on your dose of daily goss, finally.

So listen.. you remember I had told you about Rekha’s plans of buying an island a couple of months ago? Yeah, the one located some kilometers off the shore of Jumeirah in UAE. My darling pal called me up from Dubai early this morning to update me on Re’s samundar ke secrets.

Re really likes the isle, shaped like New Zealand, and according to my friend, she’ll be flying there later this month or early March to complete the official formalities. She’ll then join the elite list that own their own island in a project called The World comprising 250 odd islands.

And guess whom Re will have for company? Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher. Ooh! Think I’ll have to go to Goa this weekend and be extra sweet to Vyjjy. Then may be I could become Re’s nayee padosan too.

Saheli, who googled for details, tells me that Re’s private New Zealand is located in Okyana which is a cluster of 19 islands. But it won’t be until another three years that Re can enjoy her first holiday there.

Chalo, better late than never!

Splitside story
Okay, here’s something for those few and far between who are still interested in Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja. The kabhi on kabhi off couple has finally gone off.

Contrary to reports of their twogetherness, I’ve just been informed that Priyanka brought up the splitside story with her man during the Chicago schedule of What’s Your Raashee? And no, it has nothing to do with her dostana with Gerard Butler, asserts my jasoos.

I’m also told that Priyanka and Harman haven’t spoken over the phone since their return to town, forget even meeting for tea-coffee, dinner-shinner. The saddest part is that the two have to maintain their “just good friends” stance till the end of this year, lest their break-up story jeopardise their movie.

Maybe Priyanka should take a leaf out of arch rival Kareena Kapoor’s book. Jab We Met became a runaway hit despite Bebo’s break-up with Shahid Kapur. Who knows, Harman may have the biggest hit of his career in Raashee, even if it comes months after they make public their split. What say?

Spitting revenge
Oi oi.. what is this I’m hearing now? My chidiya is tweeting about Abhishek Bachchan’s khwaish for revenge against Sonam Kapoor.

Kyun? Kyunki, she spat water on him for a scene in Delhi 6, it seems and he wasn’t warned about this shower.

And if that wasn’t enough, the two actors had to give 20 retakes for the shot.. and much to Abhi’s dislike, Sonam continued to spit water at him, several times over. Of course, being a pro, he didn’t throw a fit then.

But when he was reminded about it recently and asked what he would do if he was reborn as Sonam, Abhi mischievously grinned and said he’d spit water on her 20 times to settle his score. Now that’s what I’d call his idea of spitting revenge.

Hum saath saath hain
Achha listen.. now a photographer is calling me to complain about Adhyayan Suman. Seems he’s getting increasingly possessive about girlfriend Kangana Ranaut and has now taken to advising her on what to do, where to go and what not to wear at tinsel town events. Reminds me of Aditya Panscholi. Oops, soory, he’s ancient itihaas now. Hai na?

Anyway Kangy boo was wearing this rather revealing outfit at an award function on Sunday. And the photographers rushed to click her pics. Suman lad didn’t like it one bit, particularly because many preferred solo shots of his arm candy than their saath saath pics.

He restrained himself with angry looks and gritted teeth. But when someone approached with a request that he pose akela akela, Suman muttered that he would see later and walked off in a huff. Really now! Isn’t it time the bacha grew up! Before Hum dono do premi becomes Ek akela is shaher mein..

Udti udti khabar..
Can’t Madhu my Mottu Maid stay away for even one day? Here she is with my green tea and a sensational tiddy bitty. According to Mots, a certain director did a Ralph Fiennes in mid-air a couple of weeks ago.. but with an actress.

Sowweeee, can’t reveal the names yet. Suffice to say that he’s struggling to make another movie after his last one tanked, big time. And the actress is ‘happily’ married to a filmmaker.

Anyway, Motti tells me that they were initially unaware that they were headed to the same destination. They bumped into each other in the aircraft and got chatting.

They had to cut their conversation when it was time to take off.

When it was flying smoothly, they left their seats and headed to a private corner at the back of the aircraft.. to whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

Mots wants to tell me more but my ears are already burning. Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwww! But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Feb 18, 2009 18:04 IST