One Piece Chapter 1115 spoilers: Joy Boy-Void Century connection revealed as Vegapunk broadcast continues - Hindustan Times

One Piece Chapter 1115 spoilers: Joy Boy-Void Century connection revealed as Vegapunk broadcast continues

May 22, 2024 03:18 PM IST

One Piece Chapter 1115 returns on May 26, and its first set of spoilers launch some heavy truth bombs about the elusive Void Century.

Dr Vegapunk's all-revealing broadcast will continue disclosing the elusive truths about the Void Century and Joy Boy as we head into another week filled with spoilers for the upcoming edition of the One Piece manga. The fictionally renowned scientist's message will pain the larger-than-life picture of the century-long time that somehow has no recorded history.

One Piece(Toei Animation)
One Piece(Toei Animation)

Moreover, suppose Joy Boy's purpose and connections to the Void Century have plagued you as a longtime and avid consumer of Eiichiro Oda's manga content. In that case, you can't afford to miss out on One Piece Chapter 1115, slated to roll out on Viz Media or Shueisha's Manga Plus websites this week.

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One Piece Chapter 1115 release date

The next chapter of the One Piece manga is expected to release on Monday, May 27, 2024, at 12 am JST. The subsequent chapter will also arrive the following week, as no breaks in the first week of June have been teased. International readers may refer to the release schedule mentioned below:

Pacific Daylight: Sunday, May 26, at 8 am

Eastern Daylight: Sunday, May 26, at 11 am

British Summer Time: Sunday, May 26, at 4 pm

Indian Standard Time: Sunday, May 26, at 8:30 pm

Australia Central Standard Time: Monday, May 27, at 12:30 am

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One Piece Chapter 1115 spoilers

Reliable and renowned One Piece scooper @pewpiece on X/Twitter shared a list of the initial spoilers for the upcoming chapter, which will pave the way for the revelations coming ahead later this week.

While teasing no break after the 1115th chapter, these alleged leaks discuss reactions to Dr Vegapunk's broadcast pouring from all sides of the world. He explains that Poneglyphs are perceived as records of history that divulge the happenings of a massive battle that broke out during the Void Century.

Further delving into the details of the said war, he claims that it pits two kinds of “ideas” against each other, but he cannot see which one is right or wrong. The cause of his inability to settle the score remains unclear.


Meanwhile, with the message playing, Saint Marcus Mars uses Conqueror's Haki to his advantage. He knocks out some Transponder Snails, again supposedly seeking the sources of the broadcast, which ultimately remains uninterrupted.

Also, Mars' fellow mate Saint Ethanbaron C Nusjuro slashes down Punk Records with one strike, simultaneously releasing Seraphim.

Finally, the spoilers circle the ties between the Void Century and Joy Boy as he lays out that the latter's defeat was a turning point in history, with the Void Century coming to an end. The war also had life-altering implications for the world, as continents that existed 1,000 years ago were submerged under rising sea levels—as high as 200 metres.

As for the presence scenario, Vegapunk states that their modern living conditions result from these sinking continents, as they now live on their fragments. While one might believe that the war is over, Vegapunk dispels this myth, claiming that ancient weapons would be instrumental in the action and are still around somewhere.

The final alleged spoiler concludes with the emergence of Imu's face—still shrouded in darkness. In a separate post, shared hours after the first set of spoilers, @pewpiece also said, "We see JoyBoy squaring up against people with crowns in a small panel, and they are in silhouette.

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