Actor Amit Sadh feels people need to learn from their mistakes to avoid another outbreak of Covid-19 crisis.
Actor Amit Sadh feels people need to learn from their mistakes to avoid another outbreak of Covid-19 crisis.

Amit Sadh lashes out at cinema hall owners for bellyaching about survival: They should shut up

Actor Amit Sadh feels it is wrong of cinema hall owners to complain about survival amid this crisis when there is a history of minting good profits.
By Sugandha Rawal
UPDATED ON JUN 11, 2021 05:48 PM IST

Despite the dip in the Covid-19 cases, the fight for survival continues, with most of the entertainment avenues still at a standstill. But that comes with a sense of disparity, which actor Amit Sadh calls out while slamming owners of cinema halls.

“The pandemic has affected the industry [adversely]. It doesn’t affect me that much, but it does affect the hair and makeup community, and the workforce of cinema,” Sadh notes, adding, “Actors ko kuch nahi hoga itna, but unko hoga jo workforce hain, jo picture banate hain, which includes the whole crew, assistant director, lightman, spotboy. Aur idhar cinema hall wale log bol rahe sadak pe aa rahe hain.”

Ever since the pandemic hit the country last year, disrupting theatrical business as well as the release schedule of films, there have been growing concerns about the existence and survival of cinemas with uncertainty looming large.

The Breathe and Jeet Ki Zid actor, however, feels it is unfair on the part of cinema owners to bellyache about survival when there’s a history of minting huge profits.

“Arrey cinema halls ne itne saal se kamaya bhi toh hai! I don’t understand people who have two cars and a home complaining about survival right now. They should keep quiet and shut up,” he rues.

The 42-year-old adds that it’s time one looks at the larger picture and suffering of people beyond one sector.

“While everyone is talking about the workforce in cinema, the workforce all over India is stuck. I know so many people who don’t have jobs,” points out the actor, who’s currently in Los Angeles (US), recovering from is knee surgery.

In April, Sadh announced that he’s taking a break from social media and slammed privileged people for flaunting their privileges when the country was having its worst moment. As he continues to have hope for a better tomorrow, he insists, “We need to start correcting each other first.”

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