Dia Mirza's husband Vaibhav Rekhi's ex-wife Sunaina says she still believes in marriage

  • Sunaina Rekhi, the ex-wife of Dia Mirza's husband Vaibhav Rekhi, has said that sometimes, the most compatible people aren't able to form an alliance, but that shouldn't negate the 'beauty of marriage'.
Sunaina Rekhi is the ex-wife of Vaibhav Rekhi, Dia Mirza's husband.
Sunaina Rekhi is the ex-wife of Vaibhav Rekhi, Dia Mirza's husband.
Published on Feb 19, 2021 06:37 PM IST
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Yogini Sunaina Rekhi, the ex-wife of Vaibhav Rekhi, actor Dia Mirza's new husband, has said that she is happy to focus on the positives of the new dynamic. Sunaina and Vaibhav have a teenage daughter, Samaira.

In a new interview, Sunaina said that she still believes in the institution of marriage, and that Samaira handled the separation in a mature manner.

After being flooded with messages about Vaibhav and Dia's wedding, which took place on Monday, Sunaina put out a video on social media, in which she expressed her happiness. She said in the video that Samaira is excited to have 'an extension' to her family.

“I've been flooded with calls and messages from men and women alike after I put out the video," Sunaina told Pinkvilla. "I'm so thankful to everyone who's reaching out. People say, this is a huge display of courage on my part to talk about it and it's inspired some of the women out there to speak their minds. I'm just so happy to hear this because ultimately, human beings need to inspire each other for a better tomorrow. And if a little talk on my part has made a difference to someone's thinking or being, I think that this exercise has done its job well."

She said that Samaira is a 'very sorted' girl who's handled herself very maturely. Sunaina said that 'marriage is a beautiful institution' and that she believes in it, 'but the alliance isn't always amongst the most compatible people'. "And this compatibility can only find out when they are together. So often it's not anyone's fault. They can be the best individuals in their own right and yet not fit with each other. But one should never negate the beauty of marriage because of all this," she said.

In her social media video, shared on Thursday, she said that both she and Samaira were doing fine.

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"I’m Sunaina Rekhi. You must’ve heard my name, and if not, now it’s all over the news. Yes, my ex-husband has gotten married to Dia and I’ve been getting a lot of DMs and WhatsApps to ask if I’m okay, if Samaira and I are fine," she said in the video. "Thank you for feeling I’m your own and for your concern. We are perfectly fine, not just fine, but my daughter is very excited. I saw some videos where she was throwing flowers. It’s a really nice extension for her. We don’t have any family in Bombay, so it’s nice that she has more family. It’s always nice to create more expansion in your lives."

Dia was earlier married to film producer Sahil Sangha. They parted ways in 2019 after being together for 11 years.

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