Pooja Bedi reveals her children Alaya F and Omar Furniturewala's reaction to her engagement.
Pooja Bedi reveals her children Alaya F and Omar Furniturewala's reaction to her engagement.

Pooja Bedi says Alaya F asked her to 'settle down' after her father remarried, reveals her reaction to Maneck's proposal

  • Pooja Bedi revealed that her daughter, actor Alaya F once asked her to 'settle down'. The actor also shared how her children reacted to her engagement with Maneck Contractor.
PUBLISHED ON MAY 07, 2021 09:11 PM IST

Pooja Bedi has opened up about her children -- daughter Alaya F and son Omar's reaction to her love life. Pooja was married to Farhan Furniturewala until 2003. Following her split, the actor has been in a few relationships. In 2019, she revealed she was engaged to Maneck Contractor.

Pooja said that her children have watched her go from one relationship to another and they have been great friends with each man that walked into her life. She added that Alaya and Omar are still in touch with her exes, exchanging messages and meeting them.

"Alaya and Omar have watched me post-divorce go from relationship to relationship to relationship. The fact there have been really nice guys who I was in relationships with and they've adored them all. Till today, my ex-boyfriends are great friends with my kids. There's a great rapport between them all, they're always in touch, they're exchanging messages, they meet, it's a happy space," she said, speaking with Peepingmoon.com.

She added that Alaya once sat down with Pooja and adviced her to settle down. "I remember, my ex-husband got married, ex-husband had a child also, I remember Alaya came to me and said, 'See Mumma, look at papa, he's got somebody so lovely, he's got a child also now, maybe you should settle down'. My kids are telling me to settle down? (laughs) I'm really happy just being me, they're really fond of Maneck," she added.

The actor recalled that Maneck had proposed to her on a hot-air balloon. She had headed home to inform her children. "I came and told, 'babies guess what, Maneck uncle proposed to me'. I am showing them the ring and they're just so excited, 'Mumma, this is the best thing ever, we're so happy for you'," she said.

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In the conversation, Pooja also opened up about her divorce. She said that people had asked her to think about her children and her own future prospects. But she knew her relationship with Farhan had run its course. Pooja has been engaged to Maneck for two years now and has been living with him in Goa.

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