Poonam Pandey has levelled allegations against Raj Kundra.
Poonam Pandey has levelled allegations against Raj Kundra.

Poonam Pandey says working with Raj Kundra was the 'biggest mistake' of her life: 'These guys cheat people'

  • Poonam Pandey has said that getting into a professional collaboration with Raj Kundra was the biggest mistake she has made in her life.
UPDATED ON JUL 23, 2021 10:44 AM IST

Poonam Pandey, who is involved in a legal battle with businessman Raj Kundra, has said that working with him was the biggest mistake of her life. Raj was arrested earlier this week in connection with a pornography racket, and was remanded in police custody till July 23.

In a new interview, Poonam Pandey, who had accused Raj and his associates of fraud, theft, and leaking her phone numbers, said that 'Raj Kundra himself' said that he welcomes legal action.

She told a leading daily, "When I signed an MOU with them, which lasted for a month, it became clear that they were cheating and were extremely unprofessional. I terminated my contract with immediate effect. Getting into a professional collaboration with these people was the biggest mistake I made in my life. They are frauds. My life became an open book. I went through another level of trauma. I cursed myself for sharing my passwords and credentials with their team. When we reached out to Raj’s team, we were told that we won’t be paid until I signed a contract with them and started working with them again. I flatly refused. How could I do it knowing that these guys hacked into my accounts and personal space? Yeh log samajhte kya hain khud ko (Who do they think they are)?"

She continued, "He couldn’t convince me because he knew that I wasn’t relying on just his app for work. In fact, I wanted to terminate any and all association with Armsprime. I wanted the app they had created in my name, taken off the internet. Shortly after, I was approached by Raj Kundra personally to be a part of another app, by the name of HotShots. It was 100% pure blackmail. It was like do this or suffer the consequences. On my refusal, my private mobile numbers were leaked on the internet on the aforementioned app.”

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Raj had said last year that he was no longer involved in the venture, and had no knowledge about the petition. Poonam said that even though Raj had exited the company to set up HotShots, 'the theft' of her data would've taken place while he was still involved. She said that she has proof to back up her claims. "Back then I thought that I had screwed up by sharing my credentials with them. However, today it’s obvious that these guys cheat people," she said.

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