Cowell brands Cheryl Cole ‘mad’
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Cowell brands Cheryl Cole ‘mad’

Simon Cowell blasted at Cheryl Cole yesterday calling her “mad” and “vain” and claimed her acts would be better off if he was in charge of them.

entertainment Updated: Nov 30, 2010 17:01 IST

Simon Cowell blasted at Cheryl Cole yesterday calling her "mad" and "vain" and claimed her acts would be better off if he was in charge of them.

In yet another stinging attack on his fellow judge, the X Factor boss said Cheryl doesn’t bring out the best in her acts.

"When she gets criticised by me it’s like she has been shot, and she is genuinely devastated and upset for 24 hours," the Mirror quoted Simon as telling about Cher.

"Everyone thinks she looks up to Cheryl – but she looks up to me.

Cheryl Cole"Cheryl sees something of herself in Cher – it’s vanity! Some might even say narcissism!" he said.

Cowell said Cole was playing it too safe with Cher last week by putting her on a staircase, dressed in a nightie, and getting her to sing the John Lennon ballad Imagine.

It could “ruin her chances of making the final”, he said.

“You have got to take a risk with this girl. You have to trust she has enough young fans who would vote for her.

“Don’t do a traditional safe X Factor song – do something that’s her, because if she fakes it, she’ll be out,” he said.

He said Cole isn’t a good mentor to Rebecca, adding, “Rebecca’s not a whimpering puppy. She’s got steel in her. She genuinely wants to win. She argues passionately about the songs and the way she wants to do them.”

“If her personality isn’t coming across, it’s Cheryl’s fault. It’s Cheryl’s job. Or maybe Rebecca switches to me for a week, I’ll get her personality out!” he said.

On Cheryl’s third act, Katie, he said, “I think it’s girls who dislike her, not guys. Like in schools, for some reason people turn against one person if they annoy them. I think whatever happens with our Katie she will have a career.

Simon claimed that Cheryl had copied the trademark military salute she has given fans throughout this series from him.

“I did it on American Idol and it just demonstrates exactly what I thought was true. That before she came on the show she would spend hours and hours looking at me on the internet. She has now taken it and copied it. I’m going to find the footage and prove she is copying it. And I want it back!” he said.

Simon even accuses Cheryl of being “mad”.

“The slogan this year was ‘embrace the madness’. Cheryl says she can’t work out if she is embracing it or actually going mad. It’s a fine line – but Cheryl has always been mad! I f you look into Cheryl’s eyes you will see total madness! She was always fighting it but it was always there ready to come out. I’ve had the most bonkers conversations with Cheryl,” he said.

First Published: Nov 28, 2010 14:34 IST