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Girls’ college: a roller coaster journey

Pritika Ghura rewinds to her convent college days and reminisces about her friends who groomed her and encouraged her to find her own potential.
Hindustan Times | By Pritika Ghura, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 08, 2008 04:08 PM IST

From halter tops to flowing skirts, from gossip sessions to back bitching, from silly giggles to emotional outbursts, from ogling at guys to chanting anti-male slogans, life in girls’ college is fun. There is never a moment of boredom.

Coming from a co-ed school, my first day in LSR was an unforgettable experience. Never had I seen so many curvaceous figures at one place. Never had I heard so much of hustle- bustle and never had I heard people comparing their latest nail paint.

This world was so different from my school where I would spend hours admiring guys on the football field or fight with them over silly matters. How I missed the time when we girls would shoo the male species at the lunch period because they would grab our tiffin boxes and gulp it down in a jiffy or tease them when they would be punished for bunking.

This is a different world where lip sticks and glosses, pinks and minks and dating and mating are discussed in length. This is a place where your girl friends will give you make up tips and guide you on ways to make your dream man fall for you. This is a place where you will get an insight into the mind of a man and you will enjoy the power of being a woman.

However, I made friends and I spend hours shopping, pub hopping and gossiping with them. I saw a transformation in myself as skirts and spaghettis had replaced my jeans and tees. I started wearing make up, dangling earrings and attitude on the sleeve of my dresses.

From there on I embarked on a journey of freedom, power and confidence. I was a woman of needs, I was a woman with my mind and I was a woman who would now not wait for my crush to ask me out but just take him by surprise by flirting. Confidence replaced confusion, glamour replaced gawkiness and ambition replaced timidness.

My friends groomed me and encouraged me to experiment and find my own potential.

Me, who suffered from a stage fright throughout my teens, participated in dance shows and street plays. This confidence helped me to bag a summer job with one of the most renowned TV channel and this grooming helped my crush for five years to fall for me.

Yes life in girls college is different, it is fun, it is difficult but it will prepare you for the worst battle in your life. You will now speak your mind and will not hesitate to take decisions for yourself. It is a roller coaster ride. Wanna take a ride?

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