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Gossip Corner: No eye.. no bye

Akshay Kumar didn't look in Shilpa’s direction at a recent TV award ceremony.. where he was with darling biwi Twinkle.

entertainment Updated: Dec 19, 2008 19:06 IST
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No eye.. no bye

How de do dums my juicy fruit gums? On a Tuesday, I like to laze around in my boudoir with my cat Laraboo, for company, and instruct Madhu my Mottu Maid to shine up my diamond-crusted mojdis.. no worrying and all that about mundane matters.

But what to do? Moi has been bombarded with incessant phone calls by all and sundry about how and why Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty will never share a frame in a movie ever again. Huh? Were they ever going to anyway? Whatever..

It seems Shilpa Shetty’s wish to cast her once-upon-a-time ‘good friend’ Akshay Kumar will remain just that.. a wish.. albeit unfulfilled. Nah, it doesn’t have to do with the star (now, that’s a very debatable question) asking for plum crores or citing the engaged dates.

Apparently, Khiladi Kumar didn’t want to spark off any controversy. For that, he chose to not look in Shilpa’s direction at a recent TV award ceremony.. where he was with darling biwi Twinkle.

Of course, La Shetty didn’t take his ‘ royal ignorance’ too kindly. She gave it back to him just as good.. looking right through him.. throughout the evening.

If that wasn’t enough, she got all-so-chitty-chatty with Rahul Mahajan (oiks). She also ensured that her buddy buddy bonding didn’t go unnoticed by Khiladi Kumar.

Needless to say, he had no choice but to keep a straight face for the rest of the evening. Tsk tsk. Ignorance couldn't be any more blissful for them, dahlings.

Party ho!
Eeeeeew.. what is the world coming to? Now, that not too many films are becoming hits (nevermind some tall claims here and there), some of our showbizwallas have dug up new reasons to party. And who else to top the list but Mr Perfectionist.. Aamir Khan.

Now that his Ghajini is censored and there’s nothing left to re-shoot, re-edit.. basically re-anything.. he chose to have a completion party. With a few select friends, Khan headed to Indigo Café in Andheri, for some munches and sips.. and of course to pat his own back.

Need I add that director A R Murugadoss and his two heroines, Asin and Jiah Khan, were conspicuous by their absence. Remember guys.. AK was the only one present for the movie’s unveiling a month ago. But then, we all know Mr Perfectionist’s ways.. right?

New sahelis in town
Okay, now Mottu wants to say something too. Dunno what’s wrong with her.. she’s become just sooooo demanding lately. She fills my gorgeous ears with a budding friendship in B-town.. as if I really care for any. But well.. she insists it’s a rather strange friendship. The gal pals here are Asin and Mallika Sherawat who’ve hit it off big time ever since they met at a Chennai music launch. Mottu adds that the two sakhis are even exchange tidbits about their careers.

Hmm.. now that’s something. Mottu is keen to know what was it that got chalk and cheese together. Who’s chalk and who’s cheese?.. don’t ask. Really now.. no one else cares even half a hoot about the two sahelis, except Mottu. What to tell her now?

Camp.. kyun? kahaan?
She’s in her element, this Mottu Maid of mine. She had gone to catch Rab ne Bana di Jodi with her hunky beau at Andheri’s Fame cinema last night. But even on a date, she stuck to her reputation of keeping tabs on the insignificant types.

So now, she’s chasing me to say that she bumped into a certain Rimii Sen there. So? Mottu adds Sen was with two male dosts. Mots wanted to click Rimii’s snaps on her mobile, thinking that the actress (huh?) was loyal to the Yash Raj camp. But was disappointed when Rimii thundered that she didn’t want to give any photographs.

When my curious Mots asked her why, Rimii told Mots that she didn’t belong to any camp and didn’t want to be seen as a camp-based actress either. But which camp wants her anyway? Tsk.. guess the effects of those omelettes and samosas hasn’t worn off yet.

Wedding vows
On a parting note, an informer wants to share a tiddy-bitty with me. Director Joy Augustine walked the altar recently, the second time though. It was a private ceremony, where he exchanged wedding vows with a certain Shubhangini, whom he was reportedly dating for quite some time.

Not much is known about this hush-hush affair since Joy preferred it to be that way. None of his close friends will talk about it either. Nonetheless, my khabru insists I send him a pretty orchid-laden bouquet to congratulate him. Of course, he’ll be surprised to receive it. After all, such is life dearies.

First Published: Dec 16, 2008 14:44 IST