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Gossip Corner:Ranbir's boys' night out

Ranbir Kapoor turned up minus girlfriend Deepika Padukone at the Russell Peters show at Shanmukhananda Hall recently.

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His boys’ night out

Howdee doo hoo my phatakas and phuljhadis! Everyone’s going crackers and my cutiepie Laraboo is stalking around with her tail up in the air. Bechari, fireworks have her all fired up. She doesn’t even want to lap the cream I’ve set out for her. Meow meow!

Anyway, what’s with our zalim zamana. If you’re a twosome, you’re supposed to be here, there and everywhere together. If you turn up anywhere akele and not dukele, everyone starts speculating about a split. Cheee!

Take my saheli who made a mountain out of a molehill because Ranbir Kapoor turned up minus girlfriend Deepika Padukone at the Russell Peters show at Shanmukhananda Hall on Monday evening. That he was accompanied by his yaar dosts and having a blast didn’t stop her from talking about unhappy endings.

Really! Can’t my sweety boo Ranbir have a boys’ night out once in a while? And Deep could be chilling out with her girl gang. Hai na? All this only makes me want to send these pyar ke dushmans rocketing into space.Counting candles

I thought the days of actresses hiding their umar were long gone. But a chidiya from Chennai has dropped in to say that Asin celebrated her janam din with her friends and parivaar on October

There was the usual cake-cutting, khana-peena, naachna-ganna. Get to the point birdy, I don’t have all day.

So my sparrow from the south is chirping that the cake had 22 candles. So? So, Asin is actually 26. That reminds me of Lisa Ray. My momma tells me that she, Lisa, not my momma sillies, claimed to be 19.. for at least 19 years. Really now!Hic hic hurray

Lagta hai all that work on his debut production, Kaun Bola, is taking its toll on Arshad Warsi. That biwi Maria Goretti is mega upset is only adding to his woes.

Warsi has been spotted around town with a full-grown daadi. He says that’s his look for the film. Okay, we’ll give him that. But does the look also include a hip flask from which he keeps taking two ghoots every few seconds. And when it is empty, he gets it refilled, pronto, in utmost secrecy.

Hmm, he can’t be so hush hush about chai, coffee or even some fizzy drink. I just hope he’s not playing a Devdas in his movie now. I’d prefer Circuit bhai as a happy family man. Kya bolte?Cell mate

Oh ho.. here comes Madhu my Mottu Maid with my blackcurrant iced tea. She’s back from Shimla and hasn’t stopped smiling. Can’t say the same for me because all that snow hasn’t snowed Mottu down. She’s still so charmed by all these show town chhutput types.

Even before I’ve taken a sip, she wants to tell me about a text message she just got from Nandana Sen. Think I’ll have to send her back to Alaska now. Or should it be Iceland?

Anyway, for now she’s pakaoing me about this part-time actress who claims to lose mobile phones for a living. Well, the sansanati Sen has sent Mots a Diwali greeting. What’s the big deal?

I’ve got so many I’ve switched my blueberry off. Well, seems Nandi has lost her 100th handset.. and has messaged Mots to help her recover her contacts.

This Nandi sure has high expectations. Considering Mottu’s recent track record, she can only help Nandi with the numbers of Dinesh Hingoo and Razzak Khan types. Tee hee.Confession call

Okay, Hema Malini has finally got over her disappointment of shelving her Revathi-directed production. Amma Malini has finalised her next project.

No, it won’t be helmed by Revathy but will feature Esha Deol. My know-all tells me that the plot is inspired by the Hollywood flick Confessions of a Thug. I immediately turned to google and discovered the gangsta rap is a hiphop musical about a Southern lad sentenced to a prison term after a life of crime. No, Esha won’t be playing this thug. So it’s gonna be Kush, the laadla of uncle Shatrughan Sinha.

Seems amma and Esha have won over Punam Sinha and have got permission to launch the Sinha puttar. Hey amma! But then, such is life dearies.