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I always invite trouble: Kangana Ranaut

She has gathered rave reviews for her performance as a model lost in a hell of drugs, booze and glitzy Fashion. Over to Kangana Ranaut, then, ta ra ra ramp talking with Roshmila Bhattacharya.

entertainment Updated: Nov 06, 2008 11:21 IST
Roshmila Bhattacharya

She’s wired, unpredictable and often gives the impression that she’s like a cell phone, network searching. But the girl from Bhambla, a small town in Himachal Pradesh, can be electric too. Proof: the rave reviews she has gathered for her performance as a model lost in a hell of drugs, booze and glitzy Fashion. Over to Kangana Ranaut, then, ta ra ra ramp talking with Roshmila Bhattacharya.

You walked the ramp recently at the Lakme Fashion Week. How did it compare with your Fashion ramp walk?
It wasn’t all that different. On the sets of

too we had Lubna Adams and Achala Sachdev choreographing my moves. I used to rehearse at home for hours.

Buzz was that Priyanka Chopra was feeling threatened because you were the obvious scene-stealer.
Nonsense, Priyanka and I are good friends. She gives out a lot of positive energy. She’s made a place for herself in the industry. Why would she feel insecure?

But the initial promotions centred around Priyanka. It was only after your protested that Mughda Godse and you featured in the publicity campaigns?
I was in the U S for the shoot of Kites. I’ve returned only recently, so I have no clue about the initial promotions. But I’m happy with the final publicity.
The initial hype centred around Priyanka.. that’s because Meghna is the central character in the film. However, Fashion is the story of three girls. And the stills and promos you saw later gave the right impression of the film.

The Delhi Women's Commission was up in arms against Madhur Bhandarkar over portraying Geetanjali Nagpal in a negative light. And it stated that you had admitted in an interview that your character, Shonali Gujral, was inspired by her.
(Shortly) My character is not inspired by anyone. Period.

After the promos of you doping were aired, a section believes that Shonali could also have been partly inspired by the model Shivani Kapoor who underwent drug rehabilitation.
I have no idea why such stories are doing the rounds.

During Woh Lamhe in which you played a character inspired by Parveen Babi, you admitted that you were depressed throughout the shoot. In Fashion, too, you go through trials and trauma. Could you able to distance yourself this time?
Parveen Babi was an actress too. But Shonali was a model and I have never been a model. So I didn’t relate to the character at all. I just observed the models on the sets.. their body language, the way they interacted with one another.

You have a perfect figure for a model. What’s the raaz behind it.. heavy dieting, long workouts or as some snide colleagues have been saying, cosmetic surgery?
I follow my diet religiously and do a lot of cardio exercises. I also do yoga every day. But I’ve never resorted to any kind of surgery.

How do you deal with pressures of the glamour business?
I keep my professional and personal lives separate. I meditate, I dance at times.

Talking of dance was it difficult matching steps with Hrithik Roshan during the Kites shoot?
We haven’t shot any dance sequence yet, we will in December. Then we’ll see.

At a time when most actresses are grabbing films and hiking their fees, what’s your game plan?
I cannot do a film just because I’m getting paid an X amount or because it’s with a certain actor or production banner. You will never see me in a faltu popcorn movie ever. I want to do comedy and I will. But not the silly or vulgar stuff.

I have Raaz 2 coming up. This will be followed by Roshan, Kites and Happy New Year. There are also some international projects which will be announced soon.

Three years down the road how has it been?
I was 16 when I came to Delhi, I was18 when I started my career. I had no godfather or god-grandfather, it was difficult and really traumatic. Today, looking back, I don’t know how I survived all the odds. Of course, the experience differs from person to person. Some get it all without any effort, while others like me have to struggle. But you know something? I admire myself for standing up despite efforts to pull me down. I’ve emerged a stronger woman. Today, at 21, I can deal with anything and anyone.

Have you changed much as a person?
Hmmm, I’m very edgy. I don’t seem to learn from my mistakes. I’ve always seem to invite trouble. But now I can see through people. I’ve become, what I call, ‘people-smart.’

Now others turn to me for me analysis. (Smiles) I have dealt with so many psychos in my life that now I can judge people pretty well.

You’ve become pretty inaccessible of late.
I don’t like exchanging cell phone numbers. I keep to myself..

That’s not completely true. You’re there for family, friends and your boyfriend Adhyayan Suman.
Yes, I’m there always for them, 24 x 7. As for others, I feel as if they take my energy away. So I like staying alone, away from the crowds.