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I don't need a blog: Shatrughan Sinha

He has been in news for his blog brawl with Amitabh Bachchan oflate. Here's Shatrughan Sinha's quickie dialoguebaazi with Khalid Mohamed.
Hindustan Times | By Khalid Mohamed, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUN 04, 2008 11:51 AM IST

It's been close to a decade since i've met him. And anyone who has ever interviewed him is more than likely to suffer from severe withdrawal pangs. I've been repressing mine. That's been a tough number.. since he makes news almost every second day. Or should that be every second hour?

Plus, whenever the mood is bluesy, he is the proverbial pep-up pill. So you trace his number. His wife Poonam puts you in contact with a Mr Kutty. Then it's a solemn switchboard operator in New Delhi. And then after a pause, and a pause, and a pause, it's him, unchanged.

So, here's Shatrughan Sinha's quickie dialoguebaazi with Khalid Mohamed.

Hello, hello, now your son Luv has taken to acting.. Kush is to follow.. are you forming a star parivar?
Ha! That privilege I leave to others. There have been great film families.. no one can ever beat the Raj Kapoor family.

My son Luv has been shooting for Sadiyaan. Kush will follow soon, I think he wants to become a director-actor. He's in talks with big production companies. And of course, Kush has gone though the learning process. He assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Saawariya.. like so many others, Bhansali saab ko woh jhel chuka hai. So, there are no big family.. kutumb plans.. we're not the Bachchan parivar you know.

What's with the Bachchans and you now?
Truce? Ha, ha! Whenever I talk about them it's issue-based. In totality, their personality is theek hai. Amitabh's son got married to Aishwarya.. great.. they are made for each other.

Okay, so he didn't call either Dilip Kumar or his dear friend Shatrughan Sinha to the wedding. He called his chahitalaadla Amar Singh instead.
Fine, then why rub sugar on our wounds? Why send us a box of mithai later? Why such hypocrisy? It was our rashtriyakartavya to return the mithai.

This is a stale issue.. why go on?
I don't. It's just that Mr Bachchan started going crazy over his blog. I don't need a blog. He doesn't know that he could be opening a can of worms. Do you know that he had even stopped signing films with me? I needed to do those films but because he wouldn't have me as his co-actor, I had to return several signing amounts.

Mr Bachchan didn't want me to be in Kaala Patthar either. I got the role only because Salim Khan had insisted that no one else could do it but me. Of course, it has been Mr Bachchan's prerogative not to do any films with me. I hold no grudges. It's only when I'm provoked by him.. blog aha!.. that I have to retaliate.

He's hit on quite a smart strategy actually. I think he wants attention. When two towering personalities fight, there are fireworks for the media.

If I'm asked about whether I'm going to the IIFA Awards or not, I have to say it's the International Indian Family Awards.. it projects only one family. How can I go? I don't belong to the family.

Is there any point in such fireworks.. except of course, for us masala seekers from the media?
My point is, "Arre, if you have issues with me, khul ke saamne aao. Chilman ke peechhe kyon chhupe ho!"

Do you really rate yourself as a better actor than Mr Bachchan?
Khamosh! How can you ask me such a silly question. The whole world knows the answer. Just buy yourself a DVD of Kaala Patthar.

Apart from the Laughter Challenge Show, are you planning anything else in showbiz?
I aim to do one film at a time soon.. which is typical of me because I'm a one-woman man.

Okay.. who are the three persons you'd like to be stranded with on a deserted island?
One, LK Advani because he would save me with his guidance.

Two, a sundar si heroine who must be healthy and wealthy so that she could feed me. And Dilip Kumar who has always been my marg darshak.

And three persons whom you wouldn't ever want to be on a deserted island with?
Ha, that's easy. One, Subhash Ghai who has never come to my rescue whenever I've needed him. Two, the old, gold, bold and beautiful Reena Roy for obvious reasons. And three, the man who's been talking to me through his blog, Mr Bachchan. He would be very difficult to manage.

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