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I don't want to speak about Pink Panther: Celina Jaitly

Adjudged the sexiest Indian woman by an International poll, she's also signed a Hollywood project. Celina Jaitly gets candid with Nilufer Qureshi.

entertainment Updated: Sep 10, 2007, 16:27 IST
Nilufer Qureshi
Nilufer Qureshi

Adjudged the sexiest Indian woman by an International poll, she has just wrapped up a New Zealand film and is on to a major Hollywood project. Yesterday's Miss India, today's global showbiz girl on the go, she's sparking rumours galore. Celina Jaitly, just back in town, shares some grapevine juice with Nilufer Qureshi

You've been in the news but inaccessible..that's so unlike you.
You're telling me! After four months abroad, I've returned just three days ago, still woozy with jet lag. My mom was with me for a month but I missed my dad and brother. I was homesick.. and now the weather's so unpredictable, kabhi sunny kabhi rainy.

Tell me about shooting for the firang film Love has no Language in New Zealand.
Terrific! I was trained to acquire a Kiwi accent. I'm an Indian in the film, so the accent had to be Indian Kiwi. I got it right. But when I went to America, no one understood a word of my accent. I had to speak the Queen's English all over again.

In New Zealand, the labour laws don't allow anyone to work for more than 10 hours a day Every evening after six, I had time to myself. Then I had to get up at four every morning for my make-up. Also we had a day off every week. It was an orderly pace. This one film has opened new doors for me.

So, have you have signed a Hollywood film or not?
Yes, it's called Quest For Scheherezade. I can't give you any details, that's allowed only when the film's publicity gets going. I've been signed on by Brillstein-Grey Entertainment which represents Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Natalie Portman and Jennifer Aniston. They will be representing me in Hollywood.

<b1>Did you really refuse Pink Panther?
Honestly, I don't want to speak much about Pink Panther. Some people have had their managers in America call up the media in India to claim that they were the only choice for the role.

But believe me, in Hollywood, no role is tailor-made for any actor unless he's in the A-list category like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Several casting agencies are approached for their actors by a studio. I was advised by my representatives not to do a supporting part. I've always lis tened to my advisors. So, I really wouldn't like to get into a tangle about who was offered the role first.

Rumour is that Vijay Amritraj has been promoting you in Hollywood. True?
I've met him just once in my the premiere of Guru in Los Angeles. Just look at the difference between his age and mine. How can anyone who has met me only once his life promote me?

If I had this kink about being promoted, then I would have been a top star here. I would have won all the Sensational Newcomer Awards without knowing a line of Hindi dialogue or a half-a-dance step.

I would have made sure a top actor promoted me, so that I would have all the big banner films in my kitty. Sorry, I don't operate that way. I really want to know who started this rumour.. not done!

Will you continue to act here?

Is that a question? For me, it's all about acting.. whether it's here or there. But I'll be picky. There's no point in putting in a lot of hard work in film which goes haywire.

Do you miss a man in your life?

NO... I don't miss being lonely either. Four years ago, when I broke up with Alex I went through a lot of heartache. Now I'm my own person.

Are you bitter about relationships?

Not bitter but careful. I will get into a relationship only if the man is ready to give me as much as I give to him emotionally I need that . security .

Have you consciously avoided a relationship within the film industry?

Which film guy should I have got into a relationship with? All the men are either married or committed. Also I have my own pro fessional ethics, I will never get involved with anyone at my work station. Ha!

Have you ever been attracted to your heroes?

(Laughs) That's a tricky question.

When you do a two-heroine project, do you feel insecure?

I'm not an insecure person. But I really won't tolerate nonsense when someone misbehaves with me. It has happened with me and it was terrible.

A certain actress was rude to me and even my mother.. which just showed her upbringing. I didn't kick up a storm.. that would have been difficult for my producer to handle, especially because we were overseas.

<b3>This woman went to the extent of calling me a junior artiste in the film. All I can say is such people aren't capable of even being a junior artiste in Hollywood.

At the end of the day, are you happy?
Yes, thank you very much. If I'd had four hits in a row, you wouldn't have asked me this question. Just because my last two films (Red, Shaka Laka Boom Boom) didn't do well commercially I have to defend myself.

Every actor, except Shah Rukh Khan, has had major ups and downs in his or her career. I'm not going to hide my face just because two of my films didn't do well. Which actress hasn't gone through this?

Finally, what about the body display required in Hollywood films?
I will do only what I've done here. Nothing more. I'm not going to forget I'm an actress from India and no one expects me to be anyone else.

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