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I’m hard to get, says Yanaa

Former Lakme girl, model and now a singer too,Yanaa Gupta sings her heart about her album I Believe in Love, to Nikhil Taneja.

entertainment Updated: Jan 14, 2009 18:28 IST
Nikhil Taneja

Former Lakme girl, model and now a singer too,Yanaa sings her heart out to

Nikhil Taneja.

Why have you dropped your surname Gupta?

(Giggles) Yanaa is easier to remember, and no one I know has that name. Apparently, a princess in a

Star Wars

movie was called Yanaa and so is a mountain range. It’s natural that people may still know me as Yana Gupta, but it wasn’t my name to begin with.

You had announced your debut album long ago.. why isn’t it out?
I want to release it in the UK. It’s an English album and has an international quality. The platform in India for such an effort isn’t all that great.

You’re of Czech nationality. So how did you write the lyrics in English?
(Laughs) Earlier, I used to write Jessica Simpson type of lyrics, but over two years, both my English and my personality have evolved. I would still get them cross checked by a British person. I speak Indian English.. and that inherently has a lot of mistakes.

What has been the feedback to your ‘live’ performances of the songs?
(Giggles) Everyone wants me to believe that they loved it! I’m performing again on January 14 at il Terrazo as part of Daddy’s Windsong Wednesdays.

What genre is your album?
It’s basically pop but it’s got a little bit of everything. It’s called I Believe in Love, and deals with life, relationships, break-ups.. it’s inspired from my own experiences.

So it’s about your relationship with Aftaab Shivadasani?
(Curtly) No, it isn’t. It does have elements of my life.. but I don’t discuss my personal life. Ok. You’ve dabbled in hip hop on Dr Zeus’ album. He heard my work somewhere and really liked it. (Pauses) It’s not really difficult to sing in different genres.. it’s just music after all. Like right now, I’m really into blues.

Do you plan to sing or write lyrics for a movie?
I’ve already received two offers from pretty famous Hollywood directors to sing. I’ve been shuttling between Los Angeles and Mumbai to establish myself at both places.

No more movie dance numbers?
I’m still very much into dance.. but music is the priority right now. I’ll tour to promote the album, so I won’t have time anyway. I received an offer for a dance from the South, for a ‘lot’ of money.. but the song was mediocre.. so I refused.

Why have you refused movie roles?
I have many conditions.. one of them is that the film shouldn’t be a Hollywood copy. Did you refuse Bheja Fry because it was a French film’s copy? It’s funny but I don’t remember reading its script at all. In any case, since it was a copy, I wouldn’t have done it anyway.

What is the other funniest thing that you have read about yourself?
(Giggles) That I’m dating Kelly Dorjee. Please, he’s been a friend for years!

Haven’t you read about Abhay Deol and you dating?
(Laughs) No, that’s an original. Nobody’s asked me about that yet. And no, it’s not true.

Are your ready to mingle?
(Giggles again) I’m single and I’m hard to get.