I will be a glamorous politician: Preity Zinta

Saddened by the current situation in the country, actress-businesswoman, Preity Zinta, is thinking about joining politics as she wants to be part of a movement to bring positive change in India.

entertainment Updated: May 21, 2013 16:40 IST

Saddened by the current situation in the country, actress-businesswoman, Preity Zinta, is thinking about joining politics as she wants to be part of a movement to bring positive change in India.

Currently busy promoting her first production venture Ishkq in Paris, Preity said: "Off late, I have been thinking that I will join politics because it's so sad what is happening to our country."

"I really want to be somehow involved in positively changing our country... One fine day (I) am going to come out and say vote for me," she said on Star Speak on UTV Stars.

She has even made an imaginary picture of Priety Zinta, the politician.

She said: "I will be a very glamorous politician. I will have nice hair, nice clothes, and I will not be corrupt. But I think it's important we start thinking about our country also because it's really sad what is happening to our country. How much do you genuinely need to eat? Khaane ke liye aap biscuit hi khaate ho, gold biscuit to nahi khaate ho. So, survival is limited to one point. How much more do you want?"

Having said that, she hopes that people like me don't have to get into a political future, because there are good people. There are lots of good politicians. Don't get me wrong, but they are eclipsed by all the corruption. And the only way to make India shine is if all this stops. Because who is the one that suffers...it is always the man on the street and that breaks my heart."

The 38-year-old actress is also the co-owner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) team King's XI Punjab.

The show was aired on Monday.

Preity Zinta: If charges true, it's sad for the game

Preity Zinta is looking forward to her movie Ishkq In Paris Leading actor and Punjab XI's co-owner Preity Zinta is shaken by the spot-fixing scandal to hit the Indian Premier Legaue (IPL) and says if the charges of spot-fixing are true, it would be bad for the game.

Rajasthan Royals three cricketers, including India fast bowler Sreesanth, who had also played for Preity's Kings XI Punjab IPL team, had been arrested last week for spot-fixing.

She said: "Look, I'd still like to give the accused the benefit of the doubt. But if the allegations are true, then it's really really sad for the country, for the game and for the IPL."

"So much faith is placed on these players. I don't think they've any business betraying us like this. If the allegations are true then let me tell you the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) is going to take very stern against these players. At the same time, we can't write off the game just because there might be some rotten eggs in the basket."

Preity admits there have been times when she has felt out of place in the IPL.

"I am not going to deny there are dark moments when I feel, What the hell am I doing here? But on the whole the IPL experience has been very fulfilling and I've never been seriously tempted to question my place in it.

"I only wish people who are part of the IPL would take their responsibilities seriously. Finally, it's not the players, but the team owner who has to face the uncomfortable questions on the raison d'etre of the IPL," she said.

The 38-year-old, who is associated with IPL since 2008, has learned to take the criticism on her chin.

"These last three years have made me stronger. I feel I am far more experienced now as a human being than I was three years ago. We actors lead very cocooned lives. I think being only actor limited my world-view. We go to the studios, do our shots and come back home," said the actress of hits like Soldier, Salaam Namaste and Kal Ho Naa Ho.

"As an entrepreneur, a cricket team owner, and a producer I've had rigorous exposure to the world outside the film studio. Today, I feel I am in touch with many more realities both within myself and in the outside world. Yeah, I think I'm stronger," she said.

Currently, she is looking forward to the release of her first production venture Ishkq In Paris.

First Published: May 21, 2013 14:47 IST