Kutcher’s lover releases intimate texts

Ashton Kutcher’s alleged lover, who accused the actor of cheating on his wife Demi Moore, has released explosive phone texts that appear to support her claims. Here're the details.

entertainment Updated: Sep 23, 2010 15:05 IST

Ashton Kutcher’s alleged lover who accused the actor of cheating on his wife Demi Mo

According to Star magazine, who first claimed that Kutcher had cheated on Moore, the Valentine's Day star started sending 21-year-old Brittney Jones intimate texts soon after they met at a Hollywood bowling alley on July 24, Showbizspy.com reports.

Ashton allegedly sent her phone messages like "what are you wearing now?" before the pair organised a rendez-vous via text.

Jones says the actor texted her "R u busy?" on July 27 and the pair went on to meet at the home Kutcher and Moore share, Hollywoodlife.com reports.

According to Jones, the pair made love as Moore filmed her latest film, The Reasonable Bunch, in Detroit.

"We kissed. He would caress me and kiss my neck and tell me I was pretty," News.com.au quoted her as saying.

AshtonThe actor then allegedly asked Jones to delete all their mobile texts.

The pair met up one last time when Kutcher ended their brief fling and asked her to again delete all their correspondence, but Jones kept some of the messages.

However, Kutcher and Moore have denied the cheating rumours.

First Published: Sep 23, 2010 13:34 IST