Lara’s secret look

Farhan Akhtar insists on keeping Lara's look in Don 2 as secretive as possible.

entertainment Updated: Dec 08, 2010 01:36 IST
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Howdee doo, my darling donuts? I bring to you some of the most


nuggets from glamour


We’ve heard of film-makers being secretive about their projects to let anything leak out. But it looks like Farhan Akhtar takes the cake, bakery and all that, if this piece of information about his next movie,

Don 2

is to be believed. Sher Lock Holmes tells me that the film-maker is being very secretive about the look of the character Lara Dutta plays in his sequel

lara dutta




The Dutta girl is covered in a huge robe with a hood when she walks from her vanity van to the sets and takes it off only at the call of ‘Lights!’ from Akhtar. And the moment the nirdeshak declares ‘Cut!’, her staff rushes to cover her with the robe again.

Suna hai

, the film-maker has instructed this secrecy to ensure that no


clicks a picture of Lara in her exclusive look.

First Published: Dec 07, 2010 16:22 IST