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Let truth set you free

As Tiger Woods’ return to golf... his marriage has been scrutinised, his intentions weighed, his apology dissected. Lara Dutta contemplates how the public reaction when he returns to the golf course.

entertainment Updated: Mar 30, 2010 01:25 IST
Lara Dutta
Lara Dutta
Hindustan Times

The news in sports this week, has been Tiger Woods’ return to golf. His marriage has been duly scrutinised, his intentions weighed, his apology dissected. The world waits to see whether the second longest sabbatical from golf in his career will affect his game. I am just as eager to see the public reaction when he returns to the golf course.

Is everyone going to be forgiving and happy to see the world’s greatest golfer back? As I watched him being interviewed last weekend, in a no holds bar interview, he appeared contrite, sorry, and honest. I think what I saw on his face was a sign of relief. The truth was finally all out there. There was no fear of being judged by the world any more. It was almost as though the truth had set him free.

It happens to the best of us, especially us folk who are in the limelight. We believe we have a public image that once built must be protected at all costs. But what is that image? Is it truly who we are? Are we brave enough to be ourselves? All our faults laid bare, all our vulnerabilities in full view. I understand that we are role models and therefore, we have a responsibility to do the right thing. But we are also human, and human beings err and in the event of that, we have a duty to be honest to the public at large. That’s what I saw on Woods’ face during his interview. Maybe he was told what cards to play, but they sure were the right cards! It takes a lot of courage to be honest, but once you do, it creates within you a calm, because you know that now nothing can haunt you. It liberates you!

I remember meeting Woods while I was Miss Universe. I was part of his fundraiser, Tiger Jam, in Las Vegas. (To rest rumours, this is about as exciting as my association with him will ever get). We did a three-day golf clinic for kids. He came across as a shy, well-spoken man who was very attached to his parents and was extremely courteous. At the end of the event, he sent me a thank you note and some flowers. I’m rooting for that guy. I hope he sorts his life out and does the right thing for his family, I hope he can find peace and stability in his life and I hope he goes back to being the amazing golfer that he is, because frankly, golf just hasn't been the same without Woods.

On an entirely different note, thank you Monsieur Pascale for your email. I apologise deeply for the spelling mistakes on certain words pertaining to your beloved Paris! The intention was not deliberate. I do know though that a cappuccino is Italian! I was merely implying that regardless of where I was in the world, it would be my favourite choice of coffee beverage! Just happened to be enjoying a cup in St. Germain. So I hope you will accept my white flag and leave poor “Leopald” out of it. Have a good week ahead friends, and may the truth set you free!

First Published: Mar 29, 2010 18:41 IST