Mom’s the inspiration

Young people who followed in their mom’s footsteps into creative fields share how their moms have sculpted their career.

entertainment Updated: May 13, 2012 02:21 IST
Hindustan Times

Young people who followed in their mom’s footsteps into creative fields share how their moms have sculpted their career.

Rimple and Mayyur Girotra, fashion designers
For fashion designer Mayyur Girotra following in his mothers footsteps came quite naturally. “Mom has been my only inspiration. She started her boutique 15 years ago. I used to sit with my mom and watch her work with the karigars. Work has always been fun for her, and she makes others too feel that way too,” he says recalling his childhood memories. Mayyur is looking forward to spending some time with his mom Rimple today. “I am treating her to a day at a spa, where she can just relax and spend some time with herself, which she finds really difficult to do. This will be followed by a lovely meal at her favourite restaurant,” he says.

Aarushi and Punam Kalra, interior designers
For 20-year-old Aarushi Kalra, it is her interior designer mother Punam Kalra’s abilities to turn rags into beautiful works of art that motivated her to take up interior designing. “I admire my mom’s risk-taking abilities as she switched over from engineering to interior designing, which might seem bizarre to others,” says Aarushi, who plans to spend some quality time with her mom, cook her a nice breakfast and watch a movie with her today.

Simmi and Shival Ghai, makeup Experts
Like mother, like son — this is apt in the case of makeup experts Simmi and Shival Ghai, who run the Xpressions salon chain in Delhi. “Mom started out in 1992 in a two-room studio and it’s sheer hard work that has paid off in her case. Her constructive criticism makes me work harder.” says Shival, a qualified architect, who chose the makeup industry. He plans to ensure that Simmi gets a day off with at least 10 hours of sleep, and a hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner today.

Ira and Lillete Dubey, actors
Acting was a natural progression for Ira Dubey — actor Lillete Dubey’s daughter. “I grew up with actors around me. I still have this vague memory of an incident where I was about four or five years old and I had gone to watch a play where mom was playing the part of a nun, which I though was very scary. I started bawling so loudly that I had to be taken back home,” says Ira. “It’s my mom’s optimistic view of life that motivates me to achieve my goals. Also the amount of energy that she exudes even at her age is something that I constantly draw strength from,” she says. Ira, who is stuck shooting in Manali, is a tad upset that she will not be with Lillete today, but plans to make it up to her once she’s back in town.

First Published: May 12, 2012 16:58 IST