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New TikTok conspiracy theory suggests Selena Gomez is a time traveler, drollsquad explains

ByAshima Grover
Jan 26, 2024 08:36 PM IST

Is Selena Gomez a time traveler? A new TikTok video may have unraveled the singer-actor's well-hidden secret. Let's dig in!

Everything is not as it seems! Adding on to the bazillion pre-existing conspiracy theories surrounding famed celebrities, a new Selena Gomez conspiracy theory is on the horizon! Among the many TikTok videos going viral for starting some or the other trend, user drollsquad's recent video sparked an exhilarating conversation around the pop star.

TikTok user drollsquad unravels a new Selena Gomez conspiracy theory.(Instagram/ selenagomez)
TikTok user drollsquad unravels a new Selena Gomez conspiracy theory.(Instagram/ selenagomez)

Including the many tasks and responsibilities being being shouldered by the Only Murders in the Building actor, internet now thinks her to have gone all sci-fi, but in reality. So, what's this latest time traveling plot twist? Here's what the new Selena Gomez Tiktok video is about.

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Selena Gomez Time Traveler TikTok Conspiracy Theory Debunked

One of the most recent videos uploaded by user drollsquad saw him stumble upon an old music record by Tejano band Inocencia. Featuring the 1989 single, Por Si Volvieras, the vinyl's black and white cover offers a glimpse of the eight members of the band. Among them, are three women, one of whom shares a striking resemblance with the Single Soon vocalist. Watch the video here.

The uncanny resemblance between Selena Gomez and the Inocencia member spotted!(TikTok (drollsquad))
The uncanny resemblance between Selena Gomez and the Inocencia member spotted!(TikTok (drollsquad))

The main man and his friend in the video then bring out a digital photo of Gomez, and go on to tap into its black and white visuals. On comparing her with the Inocencia member, they're left stunned. And it doesn't end with the uncanny resemblance. Supposedly, the group also shares its origins with the US state Texas, aka Selena's home state.

Check out the Inocencia album cover brought up in the TikTok video


Videos like this are always backed by a trail of comments fueling the argument. Here too, the TikTok user roused the interest of the audience, as people took to commenting the possible ties of the vinyl from 1989 with Gomez's very own bestie, Taylor Swift. If you look at it, Swift has an album with the same year as its title. Was she hinting at this conspiracy theory too, perhaps? After all, one can always count on best friends to be in the know of each other's deepest secrets.

Despite it all being a hoax, the lighthearted jokes joining the dots continued in the comments. While Gomez may not have actively partaken in releasing Tejano music, she deeply embraces her Mexican heritage. But if one were to fuel to the hoax further, you may want to recall that the “Queen of Tejano Music” was also a Selena (Quintanilla, not Gomez).

Regardless of the obvious truth, the TikTok user went on to up the fun a notch higher. Bringing out his old gramophone, he decided to “confirm things” for himself and tuned in the vinyl. As soon as it started turning, a quirky familiar sound was heard. It was no Inocencia track, rather Everything Is Not as It Seems, the theme song of Selena Gomez's old Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place.

Although disjoint from the story at hand, it plays out as a sweet nostalgic easter egg, considering that the actress is soon reprising her role in the upcoming Wizards of Waverly Place sequel. It is to be executive produced by Gomez herself along with her loving former co-star David Henrie, who's coming back as her older sibling Justin Russo. 

It remains to be seen whether the show will bring back the other regular cast members of the original show. The upcoming pilot will redirect its focus to Justin's adult life, with new characters from that strand joining in as his wife, son and possibly even a new young protégé under his wing.

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