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Party smart

Is partying the only way for the 'feel good' effect? Aruna Rathod on how to avoid boring company.

entertainment Updated: Nov 04, 2008 20:35 IST
Aruna Rathod
Aruna Rathod
Hindustan Times

Every Friday, Anil needs to attend a party for the ‘feel good’ effect. But on most Saturdays, he’s unhappy because the party is not always a hit.

He complains, “I believe in working hard and partying harder. I don’t mind spending big bucks to have a good time. But at times, the parties are very boring.”

On one occasion, two of his friends got into a big argument. Things became so nasty that that it spoilt everyone’s mood. Yet another time, the host expected us to listen to his escapades. And we were just not interested.”

So after a series of dud parties, Anil decided that he would party only with a few close friends on alternate weekends. He believes it’s better to have fun with four or five good friends instead of experimenting with new ones.

Different interests
Parties are meant to be fun — they are the best way to relax over weekends, chill out and let one’s hair down. But wait a minute! When was the last party you really enjoyed?

Very often, parties tend to become a drag because of either the wrong mix of guests, children running around, boring conversations, a bad selection of drinks and food or even loud music.

Serena threw a party on her 40th birthday. The guests included her parents, close friends and relatives. But it turned out to be a bad idea because her parents were diabetic and had to eat early.. her friends being party animals didn’t come in before 9.30 p m.. and her relatives with their children wanted to leave early.

Experience counts
So instead of having a great time, Serena was burdened with pleasing her relatives, waiting for her friends to arrive and attending to her parents.

She sighs, “It was frustrating. I wanted to have a good time but I ended up running around trying to please everyone. Some wanted the starters while others wanted to get started with the dinner.. children were wailing because they were feeling sleepy. Never again will I have such a huge party.”

Kiran is an experienced hostess.

She states, “I have many friends. I’ve divided them into three groups and invite one group at a time. My parties are always great fun.”

Pros and cons
Depending on the occasion, one should draw up one’s guest list. It’s important to ensure that all the people you’ve invited get along well.

Some other points which one should keep in mind before throwing a party or attending one are to arrive on time, keep the children at home, eat a snack before reaching the party.

Sudha says, “I invite couples with their kids only if it’s an early party and my children can keep them company. This way the adults are left undisturbed.”

Earlier she used to attend every party that she was invited to, along with her husband and kids. Soon she realised that everyone used to get bored. So now she selects the parties that she wants to attend after weighing the pros and cons.

First Published: Nov 04, 2008 20:13 IST