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People in the city

Meet Arijit Bose, 28, mixologist from CR Park.

entertainment Updated: Jan 30, 2011 01:35 IST

Arijit Bose, 28, mixologist, CR Park

Hometown: New Delhi
College: Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai
Occupation: Mixologist (A person skilled in preparing, mixing, and serving drinks)
Best Website:
Facebook Friends: 856 — without the 86 I have not gotten to add
Favorite musician: Folk rock
Musician: Raghu Dixit
Favorite word: relativity
Favourite dish: Chicken triple szechwan rice (Mumbai specialty from Rajput in Mahim for Rs 45)
Favorite Book: 300 by Frank Miller. However, during school, it was something called the Kunji, which used to come handy during exams
Style Icon: Daniel Craig
Favourite songs: Right now Khidki by Raghu Dixit
The one thing you can’t live without: Movies
Favourite film: This question is unfair... but toss up between Snatch and 300 Favorite Bollywood film Andaaz Apna Apna
Best place to hang out in Delhi: Garden of Five Senses, Said ul Ajaib
You should never mix: Your friends and your girlfriend
Best clubs: in Delhi Smoke House on Fridays, Aqua on Saturdays, and Shiro and Lap after 1am
Scotch or Whiskey: Japanese single malt, followed by scotch followed by Canadian or Irish whiskey
Suit or shorts: and T-shirt
Boxers Loafers or Brogues: Brogues behind the bar
Favourite drink: Bunta a.k.a Cancha (Indian lemonade)
Bow tie or neck tie: Narrow necktie
Your guilty pleasure: Rice. I’m a Bong — can’t stay off it!
Goan cuisine or Konkan cuisine: Goan
Best place for dinner in Delhi after midnight: Biryani buffet in Park Plaza, Gurgaon and Hot Dogs at 24/7 outlets
Best way to cure a hangover: The little known tablet called Berocca, available in the UK. Dissolve it in water and drink it
Would love to have dinner with: Homer Simpson
Money in your wallet: Rs 20 and Rs 5,000 worth of bills to be reimbursed from travels
Favourite Delhi slang: Jugaad
Favorite activity on a Sunday: Football followed, by Bengali head massage and mutton curry made by mom, followed by a three-hour snooze Favourite moment in Delhi: The Prodigy live concert
Favourite restaurant in Delhi: Wokamama in Gurgaon
Desi or foreign girl: Desi girl with a phoren accent
What do you have for breakfast: I'd like waffles... every day (sigh)
Who does your hair: Anyone at Poresh Hair salon, CR Park
Your last regret purchase: Vegetarian dog food for our dog. She hates it!
Delhi summer or Delhi winter: Winter, baby, winter! Sweatshirts hide the flab
Pet causes: Tip the friendly bartender!
Best food in Delhi: Home food
Pet Peeve: Skipping gym regularly
Favourite Indian fashion trend: Tibetan Kurta and Dhoti
Blackberry or Iphone: Iphone with a Blackberry messenger. You can never have too many South Indian flatmates... or Bengalis
Best thing about living in Delhi: Roads. Our service lanes are bigger and better than the main roads in Mumbai and Bangalore.

“Made of highland whiskey with bitter and subtle fruit flavours from orange and cherry. Very suave and sophisticated, and a favourite of Don Draper from the hit TV show Mad Men. If you don’t believe me, check out ‘Don Draper makes an old Fashioned’ on Youtube.”

As told to Surabhi Chauhan

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