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entertainment Updated: Jun 19, 2011 13:55 IST
Hindustan Times

Ira Trivedi, Author, There’s No Love on Wall Street

A Journey home by Radhanath Swami
This book is Radhanath Swami’s autobiography about how he began his journey as a teenage rebel in Chicago and made his way to India - where he found his true calling. I love this book for its adventure and its spiritual lessons.

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
This book is rich in its diversity of characters, and there is a twist in the tale with every turn of the page. This is a powerful novel.

One Day by David Nicolls
This is a beautiful story of love lost and regained, of best friends who become lovers, and of growing up and growing old. I am a sucker for a good love story!

Palace of Illusions- Chitra Devakurni Banerjee
This book is the retelling of the Mahabharata from the viewpoint of Draupadi. I enjoyed re-learning Indian mythology and was struck by the depth of emotion that the author has captured and how real each of the characters that we know so well, the Pandavas, Karn, Duryodhana and more.
–Manali Shah

Saurabh Shetty, Director, Hotel Krishna Palance

Geoffrey’s, Marine Drive
This English pub has a very good ambience, and is reasonably priced. I like the energy of the place and the crowd there. It’s very refreshing to drop by at this place once in a while.

Peshawari, Hotel ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton
I go to Peshawari for my love for Indian food. Especially the dal makhani and butter chicken, are something worth having. I also like the indo-western décor which adds to its ambience.

Café Basilico, Apollo Bunder
The food at Basilico is very nice, especially the basil rice with chicken. The place is very reasonably priced and boasts of a really warm staff. The causal ambience of the hotel just adds to its warmth.

Anand Bhavan, Lalbaug
My love for misal pav, the very famous Maharashtrian dish, drives me to this place frequently. I often visit Anand Bhavan for a quick bite.

Thai Pavilion, Hotel Taj President
I happened to have duck roast there, and enjoyed my experience. The restaurant boasts of a very good ambience and a very cordial staff.
-Meher Manda

Arjun S Ravi, editor Indiecision

Codes And Keys by Death Cab For Cutie
I’ve loved DCFC since their 2003 album Transatlanticism. This new record is a marked departure from their mopey indie rock sound. It’s the most experimental they’ve been in their 15-year-long career.

Torches by Foster The People
LA rock newbies have nailed the formula for pop success - catchy hooks, singalongs that seem like they have philosophical double entendres, and good ol’ Peter Bjorn and John-style whistling.

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two by Beastie Boys
Their much delayed album dropped last month and, for me, is their best album since 1998’s Hello Nasty. Make sure you watch Fight For Your Right Revisited, the short film they released to mark the 25th anniversary of the single.

Wasting Light by Foo Fighters
The Foo Fighters have never dropped the ball. Every record they’ve released has seen them at the top of their game, and this latest record is another monster.

Suck It And See by Arctic Monkeys
To say Arctic Monkeys are prolific would be an understatement. In the last five years, they’ve released four albums and have the fastest selling album of all time to their credit. This new album is the band’s most mature effort to date.
–Megha Mahindru

Adhyayan Suman, Actor

Sholay (1975)
I loved it for its greatly defined characters apart from the fact that it is a cult. Infact the film redefined Gabbar’s character. You utter Bollywood, and Sholay is a must.

Deewar (1975)
Reflective of the tumultuous politics of the early 70s in India, Deewar, tells the story of two impoverished brothers who struggle to survive on the streets of Mumbai. Javed Saab’s brilliance and Amitabh Bachchan invincible performance make it my favourite.

Utsav (1984)
It is beautiful period films. Rekha looked her best. Also another reason being that it was my dad, Shekhar Suman’s debut film.

Agneepath (1990)
Though the film was an adaptation of Scarface, but the film is a powerhouse of performances. One being of Mr Bachchan as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. He gave a legendary performance.

Lagaan (2001)
The sports-themed Hindi film set the standards high for Indian Cinema. The film received critical acclaim and awards at various international film festivals, as well as, many Indian film awards. It also became the third Hindi language film to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film after Mother India (1957) and Salaam Bombay (1988). That itself was a big achievement.
–Priyanka Jain

First Published: Jun 19, 2011 13:48 IST