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Priyadarshan's films work only for him: Rimi

Rimi 'Dhoom' Sen speaks to Rachana Dubey about life in films, Priyadarshan and her forthcoming film Hat Trick.
None | By Rachana Dubey, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 14, 2007 06:22 PM IST

Oh oh…Rimi Sen blasts director Priyadarshan .. interviewed by Rachana Dubey


Hungama, Kyon Ki


Garam Masala..

how come you’re not doing Priyadarshan’s films anymore?

Priyadarshan is a superb director. He works hard on making his films look good. Most of his films are successful but the success doesn’t percolate down to his actors.

His films work only for him. I haven’t got anything out of his films. His hits haven’t given me any sort of a boost. That’s why I prefer to be with directors like Milan Luthria who work equally on their actors and the film.

How come you did a briefer role than brief role in

Dhoom 2?

Because I’d done a full-length role in


That film made a great difference to my career. It gave me immense commercial success. I did a walk-on part in

Dhoom 2

because it’s a Yashraj film. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. I’ve wised up now.

I will never do a guest appearance or an item number. These don’t take your career anywhere. I don’t mind doing stage shows..and I’ll draw the line there from now on.

Where is your career heading?
Four years down the line, today, I feel my career’s on the right track. Commercial success matters more than any other factor here. That can establish a girl, especially someone like me, who’s not a star kid.

I can’t imagine what would’ve happened if I’d started with great roles in B-grade films? Maybe I would’ve packed my bags by now and returned to Kolkata.

Is there anything that you miss in your career today?
Frankly, it worries me that I’ve never won an award. Unlike others, I won’t turn around and say, “Nahin mila to kya?” But then I must admit that I haven’t done any great, performance-oriented role to expect an award.

I’m a commercial artiste..but I hope to show my capabilities as an actress some day ..maybe next year.

Quite often you’re sidelined in your films.
Yes. That has Dhoom and Golmaal. That’s why I’m being extra careful now. I don’t want to be a decoration piece. My secretary knows what kind of roles I want.. he’s my friend and guide. He’ll ensure that I don’t make mistakes again.

Why do you keep changing the spelling of your name?
Ooof. Don’t remind me. I’m very superstitious. I get conned into these things very easily. In showbiz, it’s all about luck..isn’t it? So I’ve done what my numerologist has told me to.

(Laughs) Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. Anyway, I’m back to my original spelling Rimi. I’ve dropped Sen to avoid being mistaken for Riya, Raima and Rimi..

How come you’re not into endorsements at all?

I was a model earlier. I have an idea on how it all works. I will not endorse a product unless I feel completely confident about it. Sure, it increases visibility..but why be visible at the wrong places at the wrong time?

Any marriage plans?
No way, not now. I’ve just put on my running shoes. I’m often asked if I’ll marry an outsider or a filmwalla. Let me tell you, I won’t marry anyone even remotely connected with films or television.

Seven or eight years from now, I’ll settle for a simple boy..and I’m sure my parents will find me one.(Laughs) That won’t be too difficult..will it?

After doing Hattrick, what’s your take on cricket?
My role is that of a bored housewife ignored by her husband who’s mad about cricket. The story twists when the housewife starts ignoring the husband and falls in love with Mahinder Singh Dhoni. Though the movie’s male dominated, there’s enough substance for the heroine.

Do you follow cricket?
Not at all. It’s ironical that I don’t follow cricket, and I’m the heroine of a cricketcentric film. In fact, I’ve never met Dhoni. I don’t know really what he looks like..all I’ve heard that he’s a nice guy .

Before you jump to any conclusions, I don’t want to marry a cricketer please. So, don’t even go there.

You’re said to be the bullying sort on the sets. Did someone complain to you about this?
Actually I bully the assistant directors on all my film sets. They must be fed up of me by now. That’s just for fun really ..otherwise I treat my colleagues with due respect. I don’t bully them, neither do they bully me. After all, it is absolutely essential to observe decorum on the sets.

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