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Rani Mukherjee miffed with Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma might not be signed for Yash Raj's next project as Rani Mukherji doesn’t think much of Anu.. and has made her opinion loud, clear and omeletty.

entertainment Updated: Jan 19, 2009 20:12 IST
Hindustan Times your daily dose of gossips with Honey. She writes on the glamour world and the spicy scandals of Bollywood celebs

Hi da hi, my sweetest raisins. See since most actors are being asked to take price cuts because of recession, I requested

Madhu my Mottu Maid and Vivacious Vaziran bua to bring down their daily expenses at least. Rani Mukherjee

They were upset at the very notion and have taken off in my private jet to sulk in the Maldives. Silly women they are.. meanwhile Dimwit Mirza keeps calling up because she isn’t getting jobs even though she’s registered with the Junior Artistes’ Association. Serves her right.. the fake-o.

Yeah, so what else is the buzz? Hmm, news from that legendary Yash Raj studio canteen is that Anushka Sharma who has a three-movie contract with the banner is not likely to be in its next project.. or next.. or next.Why, why? Because Queen Boo Rani Mukherji doesn’t think much of Anu.. and has made her opinion loud, clear and omeletty.

That means bechari Anushka can’t even act in movies made by other production houses since she’s bound by contract to Yash Raj. Hanh she can act in south fileeeems if she wants to.. and so might eventually end up going back to her roots in Bangalore.

How said is this! The world knows that Rani’s career is going nowhere. But let Anushka’s go ahead no? Must send an sms to Aditya Chopra about this. Not fair Adiiiji! But then does he exist? Or is he a robot?

Meet Jack and Jill
Must say this is the strangest twosome in the entire cosmos.. they’re all over the place but turn all shades of colour when it’s suggested that they’re a twosome and could some distant day even get married. Like I said DISTANT so that filmmakers don’t quit offering her role. Arre sunte ho! Koi producers hain?

Aah, so Lara Dutta and Dino Morea like Jack and Jill went up Pali Hill and drove down to Blue Frog in central town to check out a band from Austria. They maintained a healthy distance — meaning they were at an arm’s distance like Jack and Jill — but arrived and left together in the same car. Ewwwwwf, yeh hai mohabbat kya? Maybe they genuinely just
discuss books, cooking, the weather and serious things. No?

It’s funtime..L A time

I do believe that the My Name is Khan unit in Los Angeles is having the coolest time even if everyone’s homesick after being away for a month.

Keeping everyone’s mood on an upswing, there’s Tanuja Aunty who accompanied Kajol and Nysa there for the shoot.
Tanisha is there too. Now that sounds like fun.. hmmm, wish I was there.. but Vyjjy wouldn’t let me go, the possessive thing that he is. He can’t live without my weekly cuddle and a monthly ear nibble. Damn! Our romance just isn’t
progressing.. we’re the city’s Jack and Jill No. 1 actually. Look at another item to find the No 2 J and J.

Sajjanpur blues
Tsk tsk. Talk is that a production honcho of Reliance asked Shyam Benegal Babu to cast Minnisha Lamba in his next movie instead of his Sajjanpur sweetie Amrita Rao.

Oh well, Shyam babu is not the sort to be swayed by recommendations.. but phir bhi such meanie-beanie talk is circulating..

And oh dear, Amrita Rao is quite, quite upset because she felt she had become quite the apple and orange of his eye. Come, come Amrita dearie why fret? At least he didn’t cast Ila Arun instead of you, no? So chillax.

Tee pe bulaya hai
Now what! From the Maldives, mad Mottu has sent me a message saying that her understudies have informed her that Mansi Roy was shopping for husband Rohit Roy like crazy at some T-shirt store in Bandra, offering Godzilla-sized discounts.

In fact, Mansi bought so many T-shirts that Mots is afraid that this Mr Roy will never ever wear a shirt, jacket or kurta in his life. We will have to see him in tees, morning, noon, evening. And Nights! But then such is life dearies.

First Published: Jan 19, 2009 14:33 IST