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Sallu, a bad guy with a good heart!

Sallu and director Anil Sharma visited every person injured after a portion of the wall collapsed on them while the unit was filming Veer at Amer fort.

entertainment Updated: Feb 26, 2009 18:22 IST
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Dutt again!

Holla my oysters on ice. You know, how I am on Sunday, short.. and I’m not talking about my height, lovelies, but my temper.. so short-tempered. Ggrrr.. frown.. yaargh… you get the message? But trust my silvery, curly-wurly Vyjjy to make my day. He has just returned from Mexico where he bought a villa.. just for me. I’m waiting to jet off with him.. but before that I have to give you your daily dose of gup, right?

Let’s start with Aamir Khan who may soon be dubbed the saviour of many a filmmaker in tinsel town. Saviour, because I’m told Delhi-6 has opened to mixed reactions and despite Abhishek Bachchan’s superlative performance, everyone’s missing Rang de Aamir. Anyway, here’s something to cheer all you Aamir fans up. The star will be teaming up with Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra again. And as you must have read in this very paper, their next is a biopic on Guru Dutt.

The perfectionist actor has given the thumbs up to the script, penned by Nasreen Munni Kabir, who has authored a biography on the legendary actor-filmmaker. Wow, that’s a first, given Aamir’s meticulous ways!

Meanwhile, another director Shivendra Singh, too was planning a movie on Dutt, scripted by Anurag Kashyap. And he also wanted to rope in Aamir for the lead role. That’s why Mehra has moved fast to confirm Aamir. My informer tells me that the director has drawn up a contract between his company, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures (ROMP), and the actor, and even sent it across to him. Quick work!

But though Aamir is believed to have agreed in principle to act in Mehra’s film, it remains to be seen if he will sign the contract. Kyun? Kyun ki Singh has reportedly taken a lot of inputs from Dutt’s family and they are supposed to be on good terms with Superking Khan. God, my head is buzzing already. All this is just too much to take in on a lazy Sunday morning.

Bad boy, good boy
For all the bad things he reportedly does, Salman Khan tries to maintain a balance with good karma, says Rapchik Rajni who’s turned philosophical. She’s got a gem from some camel in Jaipur. Apparently, Sallu and director Anil Sharma visited every person injured after a portion of the wall collapsed on them while the unit was filming Veer at Amer fort.

That’s not all. Rapchik tells me that Sallu who was so upset by the accident that he paid each of the 16 injured Rs 1 lakh.. and assured them if they needed he’d give them more. My heart’s melting already. But then, Sallu is the typical bad guy with a good heart, hai na?

Wed to go
Now here’s a tweetie from Bandra chirruping about how sweetie Arpita Khan is getting ready for her best friend’s wedding. She means Amrita Arora’s shaadi with fiancé Shakeel Ladak, right?

Nope, Arpi is all gung go about some Aahilya Wahi who is tying the knot in the middle of this week. I’m told they’ve been thick sakhis for about a decade now.

After Aahilya leaves for her honeymoon, Arpi will get busy with preparations for another shaadi.. and this one will be Amu’s. Will the third shaadi be here? That would be the way to go, righto?

Hic, hic
Oi oi.. looks like my Sunday is turning bad, despite Vijjy’s best attempts. Here’s Rapchik Rajni wondering aloud why people get sloshed and misbehave at restrooms in clubs. My party chick was at the Club Millenium on Friday night and saw Ravi Kissen downing one peg too many before tottering towards the restroom.

Rapchik who’s quite the snoop ducked into the ladies room next door and overheard a conversation in Marathi between two guys recalling the time they had been caught drunk. Ravi joined in, and narrated his exploits, using the choicest of expletives. Her ears burning, Rapchik was ready to leave.. and so were the two other guys. But Ravi wasn’t through yet. Eeeeeeeeeew! Is Rapchik turning into Mottu or what?

Fever pitch
Talk of the devil and here she is. That’s Madhu my Mottu Maid with a steaming mug of Brazilian coffee and another of her choti kahanis. She says she was messaging her friends on Facebook when she came across Aryeman

Ramsay. Yeh kaun? She tells me that he’s the son of producer Keshu Ramsay who is trying to make a comeback after a disastrous debut in Family—Ties of Blood. Makes my blood boil, this Mots!

Continuing to assault my ears, she says the bechara has managed to retain his sense of humour even though he has been bedridden. Seeing me yawn, she quickly adds that in his status message, Aryeman speaks of meeting his best friend again. Now she’ll be going
Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge but she means viral fever. Grr! See, Mottu has succeeded in ruining my Sunday. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Feb 23, 2009 14:45 IST