'Sex is the best workout'
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'Sex is the best workout'

Charismatic Koel Purie loves to live life her own way. In this hot encounter, this free-spirited girl speaks out her mind. Read on...

entertainment Updated: Jun 17, 2006 20:08 IST
Johnny D
Johnny D

Charismatic Koel Purie who's given laudable performance in movies like White Noise, Mixed Doubles and Nazar, loves to live life her own way. In this hot encounter, this free-spirited girl speaks out her mind. Read on...

Good girls go to heaven; bad girls go everywhere. Where would you go?
I would rather go everywhere and enjoy my life to the fullest!

Your view on skin show to get success.
For some people, ends justify the means. But one should never adopt one particular means to get something because then you're finished. For me, it is the journey that is important and I strongly believe in it.

Sex to you means...
The best workout!

Why do girls get attracted to wild/bad boys?
We all want to have all the things that we were told from our childhood not to have! Flirting with danger gives an ultimate kick and I guess that is why girls get attracted towards wild boys.

Are you pro-homosexuality?
It is a matter of personal choice. Each to his own!

What do you feel about live-in and pre-marital sex.
Live-in or pre-marital sex is no more a big issue these days. Commitment from heart is what is needed in any relationship. One gets to know the other better in a live-in relationship.One should know where to draw a line.Live-in is anyday a safer bet than getting married and leading a miserable life.

On exploitation of women in the industry.
It takes two to tango! One will get the treatment as per the treatment you give yourself. If you respect yourself and treat yourself with respect, no one would dare to exploit you. On the contrary, when you allow others to exploit you, how can you blame the others?

Nothing comes free?
Tell me one thing, who would want anything if everything came free?

Your oomph factor lies in…
My energy level and fashion!

More and more marriages are leading towards divorce now-a-days. What's your opinion?
The pace of life has changed our priorities. Marriage is not an end but the means to lead a happy life. Well, the choice is in one’s hand. So stop blaming others.

Love to you means...
I am die-hard romantic person in reality. I live and love with just the idea of being in love. Love is truly inexplicable!!!

First Published: Jun 17, 2006 18:15 IST