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Spare a moment for those who matter

In her last weekly column today, actress Dimple Kapadia replies to readers’ queries.

entertainment Updated: Apr 10, 2010 01:34 IST
Dimple Kapadia
Dimple Kapadia
Hindustan Times

Good morning! I am sad today. A journey that started with you three weeks back is coming to an end. I must thank HT City for helping me connect with you. I am sure while I pen the last few words of this column, I take a lot of you with me and leave behind a few memories. I sit by the window of my flat that overlooks the road that leads up to the beach, and I see smiling faces. I see friends and families, and I see hope. It’s you who makes hope happen, so don’t give up. Don’t expect too much from others and you won’t get disappointed. And remember don’t disappoint those who expect from you. It’s time to get back to what we must do right!

Dear Dimpleji, I’m Wg Cdr Y.R. Sharma (retd.). I was so delighted to connect with my lost friend, Kashmiri Lal Gugnani after 38 years, through your column dated 27th March. I spoke to him on the phone and now I’m looking forward to hearing from my two other friends.

Thanks Yogi! You are the first of the readers to have reconnected with an old friend and that makes you and your friends special. Cherish these moments and the world will seem a better place. Cheers.

Hi Dimpleji! I’m Deepak. Your column encouraged me to find an old friend whom I lost 12 years ago. Her name is Dimple and I used to call her ‘Dimple Kapadia’. The time we spent together was the best time of my life. She nicknamed me ‘Fuki’. Please request her to get in touch with me.

Deepak, you called her ‘Dimple Kapadia’ and you have not been in touch with her for 12 long years! That’s a shame. Ma’am if you’re reading this, you would react and maybe connect. Deepak, my advice if you liked her maybe you should like her for who she is and had you done that, the 12 years of separation would never have happened.

Dimpleji, I’m Kamal Ahuja from Hisar. I have a lovely wife and two sons. My wife teaches in a private school, the owner of which passed away two years ago. His wife, Mrs Singh, and her daughter manage the school now. Over the past few years, I have developed an emotional connect with Mrs Singh. But our orthodox surroundings, have prevented me from sharing my real feelings with her. Through this column I want Mrs Singh to know how I feel for her, though I don’t expect a reply.

Mr Ahuja, being judgmental here would be the easiest thing and that is something I would do last. I feel somewhere you have not given enough time and space to your wife and hence you have drifted apart. The time invested in another relationship would give you fulfillment, but imagine if you had done the same with your wife. We allow our relationships to stagnate because we don’t invest in them and if we do we are apologetic about it. Give yourself a chance. A woman recognises attention and I am sure Mrs Singh knows how well you mean, words would complicate the pure intention.

Hey! I’m Meena. I’m looking for my friend, Anil Puri from SRCC, New Delhi (1979 batch). He
belonged to Ranchi and was serving in the Air Force.

Hi Meena. Thanks for writing in, I am told it’s therapeutic to make an effort to rekindle a friendship. I would reach out to all our readers to help Meena find Anil Puri from SRCC, New Delhi (1979 batch). I am sure someone from Air Force Station Palam would know where he is. When you reconnect, which you will, let me know how it felt?

Before I sign off, I’m sure there are many others who want to reconnect and smile again. I hope I’ve made you at least stop in your hectic lives and give a moment to the people who matter.

Tum miloge nahi toh dooriyan kahan se mitengi?

Until we meet again… keep smiling.

First Published: Apr 09, 2010 17:33 IST