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Sushmita Sen smokes in public?

Sushmita Sen has been spotted puffling away, inhaling and exhaling as if someone was about to snatch the weed away from her.

entertainment Updated: Jan 21, 2009 19:01 IST
Hindustan Times

Hey, puff mummy
Hiya hiya hiya my stress busters, how are thee? Heavens there’s so much tension-vension going around in show biz that I’m so hip-hop-happy that I’m not caught between any sort of crossfire. Matlab ke everyone is calling each other names.. but then what’s in a name ya?

Chalo, be that as it may, I think I have finally found a job opportunity for my former research assistant Dimwit Mirza, who smokes cigarettes as if she were a walking-talking-dozing chimney. The only one who might still employ her happens to be none other than the very dayaloo Sushmita Sen, who alas, is also smoking away in public.

Now see.. vivacious Vaziran bua was powdering her nose in the rest room of Hotel Marriott when she saw a huge cloud come her way. It was our Sush puffing away, inhaling and exhaling as if someone was about to snatch the weed away from her.

Vaziran fled from the spot to avoid the Mailaboro smoke, but Sush arrived in the lobby too, still puff-puff-puffing.

Vaziran was about to faint under the impact of passive smoking.

If she didn’t, it was only because she was much too tense about what Sush’s daughter, Renee, was going through under the impact of the tobacco cloud.

And to think Sushji had announced, at Diwali time, that she would quit smoking. Huh, maybe she should see Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking.. because no one else did, no?

Stew stew main main
Oiiieeee. Someone has brought to my kind notice Dadoo B’s remarks on his blog-shog, claiming that there’s a “lonely wretch, boiling and cooking himself in his own stew.. but what a joy to find myself still forming his columns.” FORMING?? Yeh angrezi, haai haai, chashme buddoor. Bahut door.

Oh deah deah, I just hope he isn’t referring to a certain chamchoo journo whom he abandoned in an hour of crisis once. How sad is this.. do hope

Mr Chamchoo Choo Choo enjoys the stew though. Vegetarian please. Some people have eaten more than sau do sau choohas down the years, no?

Oiks, and two writers in The Guardian have ruffled my Dadoo’s gutargu feathers too for writing about his remarks on Slumdog Millionaire. He describes their reports as “a private joke between two colleagues.. somewhat intoxicated by the exuberance of their own verbosity. It must be the haemoglobin in the atmosphere. You may not get it. They will.”

What he’s meaning.. my generation is not following.

We only follow the ones who matter, young and cool, like Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan.. and even Farhan Akhtar. Phew, at least better eye candy. Yum yum, great for my expensive and exclusive tum tum.

Kabhi alvida kehna
Oh ho. More tremors have been reported from the Yash Raj studio. Sanjeev Kohli (son of the legendary Madan Mohan), who has for decades served Yash Chopra with unconditional respect and dedication.. has now put in his papers.

Everyone around the canteen and the studio lot is very hush-hush about this. But it is felt that good man Sanjeev had some
conflicts with Aditya Chopra.. who does have a strong mind of his own. No, no, you can’t say that he’s influenced by Rani Mukherjee. No baba no.

Editing bole to
And Madhu my Mottu Maid says that there’s some panga between Arshad Warsi and Studio 18 to complete his movie Bole To asap. Bahut time ho gaya and all that.

So Arshad left a shoot in Wai to sit in on the edit with his director Kabir Kaushik. Now do correct me if I’m wrong.. actors and producers don’t sit in on with directors on the editing table.

Creative freedom hona chahiye. This is not expected of Arshad at least.. I thought he was a clear-headed, coolest chap.. now see what all people are saying. Tsk.

Kill thrill
If there’s one guy who’s feeling a 100-feet tall at this very moment, it’s director Sriram Raghavan. Talk is that he was supposed to direct Chandni Chowk to China.. but felt it wasn’t quite up his alley.. and so he refused quite politely.

By the way, can’t quite follow why producer-directorji Vipul Shah is going around, giving statements that there’s a campaign on to “kill Akshay Kumar.”

I tell you, Shah needs a writer now even for his interviews. Such exaggeration. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Jan 21, 2009 17:46 IST