Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava with their daughter Mehr.
Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava with their daughter Mehr.

Ankita Bhargava reveals what she and Karan Patel stopped doing after daughter Mehr’s birth

Ankita Bhargava revealed that in their efforts to be on their best behaviour around daughter Mehr, she and Karan Patel actually became better versions of themselves. See her Instagram post here.
PUBLISHED ON FEB 06, 2021 05:11 PM IST

Television actor Ankita Bhargava shared a precious family photo with her husband, television actor Karan Patel, and their daughter Mehr along with a heartfelt note on how the little one has changed their lives. Ankita said that she and Karan are on their best behaviour around Mehr, so that she picks up ‘only the good things’ from them. In doing so, they have become better human beings.

“Our Children aren’t just a reflection of our looks or our DNA per say, They are Also a reflection of The Habits,Attitude and Behaviour that we have picked up or inculcated over the years! Becoming a parent has made us more aware of ourselves,Cos we by all means want to show our best version to our babies so that they pick up only the good things from us!” she wrote on Instagram.

“And It made me realise that in this entire Rigmarole of Shushing the bad words,Not shouting or talking loudly in front of the baby,Using the golden words,Showing the calmer side,Not talking in a bad way,Not gossiping with the baby around,Not putting anyone down just for fun etc etc… Turns out we have so much growing up to do ourselves,” she added.

While it started out as an effort to be good role models for Mehr, Ankita said that she and Karan evolved into better versions of themselves. “ Being good for the baby was just a start… The actual work needs to be done within! Babies teach us to be better at so many levels that we cant even imagine !! Thanku Mehr, For helping us become or atleast try to become better human beings!” she wrote.

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Karan and Ankita tied the knot in May 2015 and welcomed their daughter Mehr in December 2019. Last month, they took their baby girl on her first vacation to the Maldives.

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