Anupamaa written update May 26: Vanraj decides to cut Anupamaa off from the Shah family

Published on May 27, 2022 12:28 PM IST
  • Anupamaa written update May 26: Frustrated by Kavya's decision to leave him, Vanraj makes a big call--that he will call all the shots now with no interference from Anupamaa.
Sudhanshu Pandey in a still from Anupamaa.
Sudhanshu Pandey in a still from Anupamaa.

After Kavya shocks everyone with her decision to divorce Vanraj, the Shah family is distressed. Anupamaa remains completely unaware of this new struggle in her kids’ lives. In this episode of Anupamaa, Vanraj makes an important announcement that may create more problems in Anupamaa’s married life. Also read: Anupamaa's Sudhanshu Pandey shares throwback pic, recalls being a top model at 20; fans say 'you still look the same'

Anupamaa and Anuj adjust to married life

Anupamaa has begun her new journey with Anuj. In this episode also, we see how Anuj accompanies her in the kitchen as she prepares breakfast for the family. He helps her with the new kitchen and they also decide that she doesn’t need to pamper him like she used to do with Vanraj.

Anuj notices that Anupamaa is missing her kids and decides to call them. But as no one picks up the call, Anupamaa gets worried. She tries to convince herself that they might all just be tired due to the wedding and the traveling. But deep down, she can sense something is wrong. And something is wrong indeed at the Shah mansion where Vanraj plans to cut Anupamaa off from the family. The kids try to hide the big news from her, and even Hasmukh doesn’t pick up her call.

Vanraj’s big decision

Vanraj comes back home furious over the day’s events. He calls everyone to the courtyard and makes a big announcement. He tells everyone that from now on he is in charge. He doesn’t want Anupamaa to interfere in his family matters. He also tells them that he doesn’t need Anupamaa or Kavya and can handle the house alone. He demands everyone to not tell Anupamaa anything as she now belongs to a different family. Everyone agrees.

Anupamaa remains unaware of all this. She enjoys breakfast with Anuj and GK. Finally, she gets a call from Kinjal. She senses that something is wrong but Samar, Toshu, and Pakhi convince her that everything is alright. However, later Leela taunts her by saying she doesn’t need to care about them ‘any more’, which makes her convinced that something is wrong. Vanraj, however, saves the situation as he tells her and Anuj not to worry, saying that Leela is just in a bad mood. He reiterates his point to everyone that he doesn’t want anyone outside the family to interfere.

In the next episode, we will see Anupamaa leaving for her honeymoon with Anuj. Kavya continues to create more problems in Vanraj’s life. Will Anupamaa find out about the divorce? How will she handle this new challenge? Keep watching this space to know more.

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