Actor Chahatt Khanna
Actor Chahatt Khanna

Chahatt Khanna on Karan-Nisha’s ugly spat: Talking about details of your spouse publicly is demeaning

Actor Chahatt Khanna feels domestic issues should me resolved amicably and not in public, as it is better for everyone including the kids.
By Rishabh Suri
PUBLISHED ON JUN 06, 2021 05:24 PM IST

The war of words between actors Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal has led to varied reactions from the television fraternity. Actor Chahatt Khanna, who has known the couple socially for 10 years now, and lived in the same wing as them, recently said that one should not wash their “dirty linen” in public.

She tells us that it depends from person to person, and doesn’t matter if one is a celebrity. “Mera bhi case uchhla tha, main nahi chahti thi... A lot happened, even then I was quiet for three months. It’s not about being a celebrity or not,” says Khanna, who went through a troubled marriage.

She adds that there are pros and cons to everything and celebs come with ana advantage that they can talk to media about whatever happens.

“But as a person, do you really want to do that?” she asks, adding, “I know even if I wouldn’t say, someone else would quote me. My friends and family started saying, ‘You should speak up about it (in my case) or else people will think you’re wrong.’ It’s not that I didn’t speak, but every relationship has a respect, and maintaining that is very important, which Nisha also said. So, when you take things in public, it gets dirty irrespective of whether you’re a celeb or not.”

Does she then feel that Karan and Nisha should have withheld some information and not revealed them on a public platform?

Khanna, 32, says, “I believe in women empowerment and feminism, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. I’m not saying anyone is doing that. I’m a woman myself and faced domestic violence, I know how badly we girls hide our relationship, so that no one gets to know we’ve got problems in life. We show goody-goody pics on Instagram.”

And she asserts this was the reason many didn’t even believe that there was any trouble in her marriage. “Yes, because I always showed people that I’m happy, so mere se zyaada yeh kaun samjhega. But speaking like this, about the minutest details about husband or wife — even my ex-husband hasn’t done anything less — it’s very demeaning,” says the actor, refusing to take any sides in Karan-Nisha case.

“We don’t know the reality. Once everything comes out in the open and in the media, no one speaks the 100 percent truth. It’s better for everyone, for the kids, if things can be resolved amicably as much as possible,” she ends.

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