Voice to the UK

As the riots in London continue to be in news, Indians back home are also voicing their concerns about the situation. Here’s what city celebs have to say...

entertainment Updated: Aug 12, 2011 02:05 IST
Mehar Bhasin,Grooming Expert,Joy Mitra

The negativity surrounding the whole drama itself talks about the severity of the situation. London has always been an easy going place to go for both business and for vacationing. I am sure things would be normal soon.
- Nachiket Barve, Fashion Designer

Being an off season, we don’t have any commitments to meet as of now in the UK market. However, I strongly believe that the youth in London has to be cool and make sure they are not misguided by unwanted characters in these riots.
- Nida Mahmood, Fashion Designer

I have just come back from a long vacation in Europe and had a good time in London too. For me, London is like a second home and I have never had any apprehensions in walking down the streets there. Though it looks all gloomy right now, I am sure there will be peace again.
- Joy Mitra, Fashion Designer

My cousins stay in London and they have told me that Indians and their shops have been targeted majorly in these riots. For me, London is a place that I can be associated with professionally, but I wouldn’t ever settle down there. I would rather settle in the US.
- Mehar Bhasin, Grooming Expert

First Published: Aug 11, 2011 19:58 IST