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Bigg Boss OTT 2's Falaq Naaz reacts to Nischay Malhan's roast video, says people are misunderstanding Jad Hadid

Jul 24, 2023 12:10 PM IST

In an exclusive chat with Hindustan Times, Falaq Naaz opened up about her time on Bigg Boss OTT 2, co-contestants Jad Hadid and Pooja Bhatt, and much more.

Actor Falaq Naaz remains one of the most talked-about contestants of this season's Bigg Boss OTT. She was evicted during the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode, hosted by Salman Khan. Freshly out of the Bigg Boss house, Falaq sat down for a chat with Hindustan Times and answered some questions about her stint on the reality show. Apart from talking about her equation with Avinash Sachdev, Abhishek Malhan and Pooja Bhatt, she also answered some direct questions from viewers. Also read: Falaq Naaz and Jad Hadid evicted from Bigg Boss OTT 2

Bigg Boss OTT 2: Falaq Naaz was recently eliminated from the show.
Bigg Boss OTT 2: Falaq Naaz was recently eliminated from the show.

There's so much that has happened in the house between you and Avinash. Will you see Avinash outside the house whenever he comes out?

Falaq Naaz: Definitely a yes! The bond is really beautiful. We met in the house. Throughout this journey, he remained constant, understood me, and stood beside me in all situations. There was a time when both of us had no one by our side. Sabne hum logo ko alag chor diya tha (Everyone had left us out). Maybe they had their personal reasons regarding the game. At one point, we only had each other. It was a difficult but beautiful time, we created a beautiful bond.

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A lot is being written about Avinash's past relationship. Does that bother you?

Falaq Naaz: Honestly, sabke past hai iss duniya me, koi yaha pe nahi hai jiska koi past nahi ha (Everyone has a past). Right now I am not thinking a lot. I think you must be knowing that I have asked him for some time. I am not ready for anything as of now. But, the bond is there and the care is there. He will meet me when he will be out (laughs).

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Some time back Abhishek Malhan’s brother Nischay Malhan posted a roast video and commented on you and your family, including the Tunisha Sharma death case. Did you get time to see it?

Falaq Naaz: No I haven’t seen it.

Basically he roasted people in the Bigg Boss house, including you…

Falaq Naaz: I don't know who is his brother. I only know Abhishek. I don't think even he would appreciate his brother commenting upon such a sensitive topic. A bond was created with Abhishek in the house, although it took us some time, even weeks. But, we had started to understand each other and developed a brother-sister bond.

Unfortunately, I had to exit. Mujhe nahi lagta jab Abhishek bahar ayega woh iss video k liye apne bhai ko shabashi denge (I don't think he will appreciate his brother). Everyone has their own perspective. You cannot sit, judge people and their bond in the Bigg Boss house until you know them in real life.

But, koi baat nahi yeh unka karna hai (It's his decision). He must have thought it was the right thing to do. But, I don’t think Abhishek would have done something so insensitive. As of now, I don’t have any misunderstandings or tiffs with Abhishek.

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A viewer asked Falaq Naaz on Reddit: ‘How can Falaq possibly change her behaviour so quickly after calling Abhishek janani (female) to sweet talking him later?’ What would you say in reply?

Falaq Naaz: Janani mere liye aisa koi word nahi hai. Agar mai kisi ladke ko bolti tum bitch behave kar rahe ho, woh chalta kisiko? Sophicated way me, ek mazak ki tarah bola tha. Waha pe hasi-mazak ho raha tha (For me the word isn't offensive. I said it in a humorous way). I told him to his face and he didn’t mind. Why is everyone bothered?

Janani koi bura word nahi hai. Agar hum ladki ko tomboy bol sakte hai, woh chalta hai, ladke ko janani bol diya toh woh kiu nahi chal sakta? (Female isn't a degrading word. If you can call a female tomboy then there should not be a problem) If you can tell a girl you have launde wale harkat (traits of a man) then why can’t you say it for a guy? It’s completely normal. Karta hai woh baat (he talks like that). What should I say? You tell me. He would have told me if he felt bad. Mujhe maafi mangne me koi problem nahi hai (I don't have any problem in apologising). I would have apologised.

Two more Reddit users asked: 'Why is everyone playing safe with Pooja Bhatt? What made you kneel down before Pooja? She was wrong at times but you never confronted.

Falaq Naaz: Out of respect. I have this quality in me, once I make a bond I tend to not cross a line. The age barrier was there too. It is not like I have never confronted her. I cannot blabber and blast people just like that. I try to understand what is happening before reacting.

If this is regarding Jiya (Shankar) and Pooja’s fight; there were two angry people. Both were important to me. I couldn’t understand what was going on and how do I sort it out. I tried to calm them down. I was just listening to them. But, Avinash had already cleared it out. When it sorted out on its own then why would I pick it again? This is not my nature.

I am getting to know things now that I am out of the house. I was, in the house, as I am in real life. If I would have gone and played according to the game, I would have had a mask too. There are people who have masked themselves in the house. It can be right or wrong for others.

One more user asked: ‘Is Jad Hadid really the creep, we know, he is?’ What are your thoughts on him?

Falaq Naaz: No, people are misunderstanding him. The kiss happened with the consent of two people. Blaming only Jad or Akanksha is wrong. Both could have denied the task but they performed it. If you are referring to Jad being touchy in the house then let me tell you a girl is aware of bad or good touch. Jad used to hug me and hold my hands at times but I never felt anything. Maybe this is how love is expressed in his country. He used to call me and Bebika his sisters.

He cared for me in the house. I had back issues in the house. For 10 days, I was receiving treatment and physiotherapy. He made sure that I do my stretching in the morning and night, as told to. When he wasn’t around, he told Avinash to make sure that I do my stretching and therapy. Bohot acha insaan hai (Jad is a good human being). I would like to tell people not to think of him in this way. Don’t have any wrong image of him. We would have never allowed him close if he was wrong. He is good with everyone.

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