Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Shetty clarifies to mom after Nishant says she and Raqesh Bapat should get privacy

  • Nishant Bhat asked Bigg Boss to turn off the lights and give Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty some privacy.
Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat and Divya Agarwal on Bigg Boss OTT.
Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat and Divya Agarwal on Bigg Boss OTT.
Published on Sep 17, 2021 02:47 PM IST
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After Raqesh Bapat told Shamita Shetty that he loves her, their Bigg Boss OTT co-contestants Divya Agarwal and Nishant Bhat pulled their leg and told them to get a room. In a new promo for the show, shared online by Colors, Nishant asked Bigg Boss if they could arrange some alone time for the lovebirds.

The video began with Shamita rubbing some chocolate off Raqesh's face. Divya, who was chilling with them on the same bed, told them to go away if they want to act cute in front of everyone. Raqesh called himself a ‘chocolate’ as he played with Shamita's hair; she said, “I'm a chocoholic, you see.” +

Shamita looked into the camera and said, “Bigg Boss, we're bored. What should we do?” Nishant had a suggestion. He said as Shamita giggled, “Do one thing, turn off all the lights, shut down the blinders, and leave these two here.” He added, “Remove the mics also.” He said that he would leave some chocolate behind, and that Raqesh and Shamita could do with it as they please.

“Aphrodisiac!” yelled Divya, as Shamita spoke to the camera again: “No mumma, nothing like that is happening.” In a recent episode, Raqesh took Shamita by surprise when he told her that he loves her.

She said, “You don't say nice things about me very often,” and Raqesh replied, “I should be able to see nice behaviour first.”

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After Shamita prodded him for compliments a little more forcefully, Raqesh said, “Je t'aime” – ‘I love you’ in French. Shamita was shocked. She asked, “Do you even know what je t'aime means?” Raqesh said he does, which left her speechless. “I can't top that,” he said.

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