Najwa Nimri is seen as inspector Alicia Sierra in series, Money Heist (Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)
Najwa Nimri is seen as inspector Alicia Sierra in series, Money Heist (Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

Najwa Nimri aka Money Heist’s Inspector Sierra: For me, India means explosion of colours

Spanish actor Najwa Nimri, seen in the role of inspector Alicia Sierra in series, Money Heist, reveals her brother used to stay in Varanasi
By Sugandha Rawal
PUBLISHED ON SEP 12, 2021 08:45 PM IST

Money Heist actor Najwa Nimri credits her brother for introducing her to the culture of India, which she now adores. She says that she associates the country with a vibrant burst of colours.

“Just a mention of India, brings a lot of colour in my mind. The first thing to come to my mind is explosions of colours. My brother used to live in Varanasi (city in Uttar Pradesh), and that is how I know a bit about India,” says Nimri, adding, “You say India and I say colours”.

Over the years, Nimri has found a foothold in the Spanish film industry, having starred in films such as The tree of blood (2018) and The Method (2005) and Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998). In recent times, she is getting noticed for her role of inspector Alicia Sierra in Netflix series, Money Heist, which comes with shades of grey.

As the Spanish show nears its final chapter, Nimri is looking forward to the show’s legacy getting a new life in other regions through spin-offs, especially when a Korean adaptation has already been announced.

“It is exciting to see spin-offs being made. (In some places), it can be death in one minute, if he (the Professor) kills everybody in the first chapter. It would be just one season and one chapter,” she jokes, while expressing her excitement to watch other versions, rather interpretations, of the story.

Here , actor Álvaro Morte, who essays the role of The Professor, joins the conversation and shares that he is also looking forward to the idea. “If I think of the Korean adaptation, I see real action and an explosive spin-off in terms of just action and blood. I have heard that there is a Korean adaptation on the way, and I am pretty sure (it will be good), because every time that I see a production from Korea, it blows my mind,” he says.

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