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Youtube Fanfest: India's own Saturday Night Live with AIB, TVF

The country had its own taste of Saturday Night Live on Saturday evening when Youtube India organised the Youtube India Fanfest at Bandra Fort in Mumbai. | By Sweta Kaushal, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 02, 2014 07:08 PM IST

India had its own taste of Saturday Night Live on Saturday evening.

The Youtube India Fanfest, organised by the video-sharing website at Bandra Fort in Mumbai, saw several participants including Vsauce from UK, Bethany Mota from USA, SuperwomanII from Canada, Shraddha Sharma, Shankar Tucker, TroubleSeekerTeam, Maati Baani and Scherezade Shroff, apart from (TVF) and All India B****** (AIB).

The event saw live performances by the participating groups and passing of satirical comments at several social and political issues in our country.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan also made an appearance on the stage and spent some time with TVF and AIB.

SRK was in a jovial mood when he joined TVF and AIB. He took jibes at the comedians on stage and his fans.

Talking to AIB members on the stage, SRK said, "Anybody who mimics me should never say, 'I love you Kkkk...kiran.' This should end officially here on Youtube."


In TVF performance, the group re-created their most popular spoof - the Bollywood Aam Aadmi - a satirical take on news debates, especially by Arnab Goswami. They had some interesting punch lines like Arjun Kejriwal saying, "Hum itne cool hain ki thand ke maare garmi me bhi muffler pehente hain."

The act ended with Arnab daring Kejriwal to play Kabaddai and both running away from the stage amid a huge round of applause and hooting from the audience.

The event also saw AIB and TVF members gelling up and putting an end to rumours about fights between the two groups. Interestingly, the two groups also presented a video - Mata Rambabe - produced jointly by them.

Talking about his experience at the fest, Biswajit (who plays Arnab Goswami for TVF) said, "It was an awesome experience to perform there in front of a real audience."

Talking about SRK, he told, "I had two different moments. One was when he was entering the venue. Everyone started looking away from the stage, towards Shah Rukh, but I had to keep the show going. I kept saying this is my show. And SRK came up to me to say 'sorry'. I told him - that's okay. That was one horrible moment for me."

"Later, I got to spend some time with SRK after the event and apologised to him. But the great man that he is, said: boss, it doesn't matter," Biswajit added.

"The other moment was an awesome one when the audience chanted TVF-TVF even as Shah Rukh Khan was there on stage," he further said.

Tanmay Bhatt, founder of AIB, said, "We are not really star-struck in the group but the fact that SRK actually knew all the people walking on-stage was really cool."

"It was real fun watching the audience. We didn't know we have so much of Harry potter-like fan-following. There were 11-year-old girls shouting AIB, AIB. They obviously don't know the meaning of our group's name," he added.

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